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Dear Members,

December 21, 2008
I usually fill this space each year with a brief HAPPY HOLIDAYS. This year I ought to add AND GOD BLESS US ALL everyone of us ... been a tough 2008, huh?  Politics and the economy interfered way too much especially since September. Here at the Board we lost some solid members this year. Elizabeth is gone; and we all adored her work! She heads a list of 5 in all. The most we permanently lost in one year. We gained 2 new members, each are mission statement members so politically that's nice, economically that's nothing to write to my foreign-serving solider nephew about.
    I was chatting with one of you last week about some accounting issue we had here having to do with server expensives. She commented that I was under paid. $150 per week was slavery. Especially since the membership voted to up it to $200 couple years back. I want to share my reply to her with all of those members, mission, designers, shops, retailers, and browsers:
     I feel like the luckiest artist on the planet being the curator and contributing designer to My Drawing Board. I get to do website design and development all day and draw some of the best work my talent affords - both endeavors nothing but fun in my world. No, I thank you. I thank you for hanging in with this project - most of you never quit since joining. That's 10 years for members like Bill and Dererk, 16 years for folks like Linda and John and Jeff, 20 years for Mark and James. And like forever for ShelbyM.  No, this is not my bread and butter. I can live without it...wait, no, I can't live without it. It is here on the Web 24/7  and on computer screens throughout the world because of YOU. And I am forever grateful to you all.
                               HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a healthy and prosperous 2009

December 2, 2008
M y   W o r k angelm1, angelm2, angelm3, angelm3a, angelm4, angelm5
                           angelm6, angelm7, angelm7a
B i l l 's  Work : suns1, suns2, sun3, suns4, suns5, thist1x,
                            thist1, tkk1b

November 22, 2008
When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following -
         A Recovering American Soldier 
         c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 
         6900 Georgia Avenue, NW 
         Washington, D.C. 20307-5001 
I have begun removing the endless code for the click throughs that took forever to post. Apparently, it did not help us. It paid under $100 for the year, barely enough to cover the time it took to place the click throughs.

October 10, 2008 
B i l l 's  Work : ripbel, ripbel2, saw2, singer, singer2, singer3,
                           singer4, sthook

October 3, 2008
My Work:  Updated the Feature and free website area, baby, baby2
                   cat54, dogcorn, dogcorn2, baby3, baby4, baby5, baby6
                   Updated faq/faq10.htm ,How To Use  Mouse with Braced
                    Finger, cat55,

September 1, 2008
My work reflects the motto around here, "Why draw it when we already drew it?" Might even add another - "You don't need it until you do."  Betcha you'll thank me when you do.
M y   W o r kAdded a Quick Course for Search Engine,
                        Updated WelcomeEmail, Contributed               
                        the Board's services to the MACK, cantalop,
                        carrots, celery, beanpod, mushroom,
                         watermel, stringb, todstool, slice
B i l l 's  Work :  domino1, domino2, domino3, domino4, domino5,

August 10, 2008
Kyle Dehaven is one of our 'mission statement' members, a teacher with students.

Kyle Dehaven:   koifish, koifish2

E l i z a b e t h:   jo76, jo77, jo79, jo81, jo83, jo84
                         jo85, jo86, jo91, jo100
Kenny Dyal:      agc

M y   W o r kPosted the Cemetery Book where it belongs, in the Library.

July 21, 2008

Real nice design for vets from Liz, it's at the bottom of this page - jo98,
E l i z a b e t h:   jo78, jo80, jo82, jo88, jo89, jo90, jo92
                         jo93, jo95, jo96, jo97, jo98, jo99

B i l l 's  Work :  1958, chrch1, dance1, dance2, dance3,

M y   W o r kbetty, redrew paradise, doghous, redid a library page,
                        moved calhoun, family, white, wilson, moved sltxr,
                        airey,bush,cowan,dc102,joyner, dec103, kali, jones

June 19, 2008
Very, very sorry for the disruption over the last week and continuing until into July. Direct apologies to Kay and to Linda. Kay needs the PLT format of the Stations of the Cross fixed - apparently the PLT conversion was sloppy. She also needs a doghouse bass (fiddle family); If anyone can help her (me) out, send them to Kay (ask me for her email.) Linda needs a Betty Boop standing up. I have one from an original cartoon mock up, but there are issues - hang in here, folks. If you have a Boop for Linda, email me to get her address.
Now, why all this disruption?  My dad has decided that he needs my flower shop  (for his monuments.)  I am finally ending my floral design career. Nice run, but with the gas station next door selling roses for less than I can purchase them for - well, you get the picture. So from here on in I'll be 24/7 on the DrawingBoard - and playing farmer on my ponderosa in South Carolina.  I'm looking forward to it.

June 3, 2008
No one responded about the new programs. Well, less work for me. Don't be shy to reply to the email I sent.
E l i z a b e t h:  jo68, jo69, jo70, jo71, jo74,

B i l l 's  Work :  chair, chair3, chair4, cotton, poolside2

M y   W o r kback, centuryc, chick2, front, headq, table

April 28, 2008
I needed to jump the gun on our May 5th fee postings. Either everyone who was clicking on the Google Ads has stopped, or they are just full of baloney about festing up the bucks they say they owe us ($99) or - like on that hilarious cartoon SOUTH PARK it's all just virtual (phoney) money. But it screwed us up. Another issue is that when those crazy Frenchmen told me that our fee last December was $643 and I thought they meant for the year...it was for the quarter.....soc de view! They changed their billing schedule on us.  Add to that the loss of 3 more paying members (Added one new) and that server issue, the fees have risen to $36. 

April 6, 2008
 Brent Kennedy is our latest member to contribute his work for all our benefit. Some nice stuff.
Brent Kennedy:  cr-1, cr-2, do-d,  do-h, hearrow, rosering,
                          ros2ring, scr99a

E l i z a b e t h:   jo67, jo72, jo73, jo75

B i l l 's  Work :  3elephs, aircar, aircar2,
                          dacro, erect, pqer, pter, stego, trice, utah

M y   W o r kUpdated this cross page, and this cross page,
                        updated this search page, redid Search page,
                        mostly drawing useless cartoons

March 13, 2008
E l i z a b e t h:   jo63, jo631, jo632, jo64, jo65, jo66, jo661, jo662, jo66a,

B i l l 's  Work :   arrow, bridge, scrolls, shakeb, tract1b

M y   W o r k:  flwr436m, flwr2401, flwr2402, flwr2403, flwr2404, flwr2405

February 24, 2008
Really difficult using one system to convert and post, as well as drawing designs when I'm use to using 3. Email me if you desire to ask why 3 systems. But I did get a handful done.

E l i z a b e t h:   jo60, jo61, jo62
M y   W o r k:  daborder, dogcir, dogcir2, panseyv

Feb. 17, 2008
This may sound familiar - We can't win for losing. 
You haven't seen or heard from me because we had 3 computers crash and submitted to Arlan, our new tech, for repairs. I have one back on my desk since yesterday; the others are expected in 10 to 14 days. The repair bill will ruin the notion of staying at $20 past May 2008. I'm far behind in drawings, postings and conversions also.
It's not the worse thing that ever happened to us; no data was lost - hacked, perhaps, but not lost.
Hopefully, I'll have new files up for you later this week.

Jan. 9, 2008
I could stranggle people who upload files to us that have
already been posted. STOP IT, will yer!

B i l l   Piesher: birdhead, bouquet2, cat1992
                           sanddoll, sic, sic1, sic2, sic3
                           sic4, sic5, sic6
E l i z a b e t h:    jo51, jo52, jo53, jo54, jo55, jo56
                          jo57, jo58
M y   W o r k:   Desk work, notice the new What's New
                           and new layout on recent pages. Not to
                           mention having to redraw every one of
                           of the designs submitted by Liz - Whew!

Jan. 4, 2008,
Blow that party horn and jump up and cheer. In case you haven't noticed yet, the access fees have dropped to $20 per month. Why? Apparently, the hosting company in France has again refunded us a lot of $$. Second year they did that. Back here, I have reduced my efforts here at the Board, thus saving all of us $200 per week. I'm trying to restrict my time to one week monthly. We'll see how long that holds out for. To add to these factors, those Google Ads are bringing us in about $38 monthly so far. Things are just moving in our direction. As long as folks stop by, then click on those ads, they are really helping us in bunches. The drop would have been even lower but we are also at the lowest number of members too. We are at 15 paying members. Causes discounts and usual fees to be more of a burden - less on the discount side. For the yearly payers, I have prorated your next charge. Your next charge, at this point, will be $70 for next year. Now, if we can get us some more members, the rate might hold. (Technically speaking the yearly expenses divided by 15 as calculated Jan 1, 2008, fees should be $20.78. I hate dealing with pennies, so I fixed it at $20.)

Nov. 27, 2007
Chatting with my dentist in NY about the numerous golf courses a stone's throw from me in SC. He asked if I played. I replied that I get hit in the head sometimes while on my tractor by a stray golf ball. I also mentioned that we rent trailers / apartments/ homes to golfers who attend the Masters and the Hooter tournaments. Then it occurred to me, because I don't play I never thought any of you played either. Kind of like we're all computer geeks with our noses pressed to our CAD programs. But, contrary to my egocentric view, some of you might like a good-walk-made-bad. If so, any of you (members) are invited to stay a no charge during off peak times - April is the peak. As long as the trailer or apartments or homes are not already booked. A token for the water and electric is appreciated but not necessary, you can grub; fine with me.  And, sorry I didn't think of it sooner. Which makes me wonder about you hunters and fishermen.  Hmmmm, I spend too much time on the computer, huh? Email or txt or call me. For some details about the rentals and the area, check out Unit 3 and Unit 4 ... the Classic travel trailer ... The Masters ... the Hooters ... about McCormcik and Savannah Lakes area

Nov. 18, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. 
I'll be at the NY phone until first week of Jan, 08.

Sincerely Yours,
Joe Auricchio - Webmaster / Curator




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