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Decemeber 15, 2005,
We were this close to shutting down the last 4 days. Hope you didn't notice. Someone had hacked and deleted all our website files and then traced everything back to our 2 backup servers - one right here on my desk - and deleted all the drawing files (only?) Anyway, I have tape and CD backups and am uploading as I write this. If you still have trouble getting a file try the private server. Point the browser to: www.adstone.net Then I am going to post a POLL asking the membership, all 14 of us, how we're going to handle the down time but since it was under 4 days, I'll forget it unless you complain.
Meanwhile, everyone, a very merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year. 

November 15, 2005,
Lots and lots of returned postcards. Too many to believe. Better check that your listing is still in the FIND A MONUMENT BUILDER.
Did several repairs this last few weeks also. If a file is not opening for you, even if you use the DXF and IMPORT the file, get back at me and I'll handle it. Why this is suddenly happening is a time consuming puzzle, but not fatal at all.
My Work:   18rosettairforce, f100, mranger, ranger, moved bill8, yearly adjustment of
                   data bases - A to K, f102, tequila, florida, sbus, grader
   I leave for NY a a couple of days and stay until January 20th.
So I can not do anymore drawings until late January. If you require something in a pinch ask Bill over at: http://www.monumentdesigns.com/  Be sure to state that you are a member here.

October 21, 2005
Hey, what's with all the wish list orders?  Yikes, when it rains, it pours. I'm lagging behind by 4 weeks right now - and all tough drawings!  Oh, well, what can I say? Keep 'em coming.
You may have noticed that we have returned the FIND A MONUMENT BUILDER. Actually took me all this time to get the programming right with those French speaking type guys at the new server.
I have arranged a special pricing for members of the Board who want to purchase copies of the Cemetery Book at below wholesale. Click here.

October 10, 2005 - SURVEY SAYS!
It's encouraging when 11 members respond to a questionnaire. Hey, the entire membership presently stands at only 27 of us. That's almost 50%
I want to thank you for voting to raise my pay to $175 weekly. For the very first time I can say the Board pays me more than my day job driving bus - $136 weekly. Thanks.
OK, fees will remain at $45 until May 5, 2006. I guarantee you they will drop after that, we are running a small surplus right now. And if we push up our membership numbers, hey, who knows?
In other - and curious - news, from time to time Mark and Linda ask about what ever happened to the JrSB comics. I think John asked once too. They never left, I just never got to post them all, and responded in that way. Then last month during my attempts to get to New Orleans and all that, I met someone who was not ever a member but did follow the comics!?!?!?! Then last week Mark and - a name from way back - Marshall ask about them.
OK, OK, I get the message.  I posted all the JrSB comics and am currently posting what I have from the ISLIP MONUMENT comics. When they are done I'll post what I have of the Poor Peters Comics, The LOST YEARS OF JESUS comics and SINGLE AGAIN. I'm amazed anyone ever followed them in the first place.

October 4, 2005
It's post time for THE CEMETERY BOOK.  If you value your customers, here's your chance to offer them something useful after their long ordeal with undertakers, cemeteries and, yes, even the likes of you and I. Better yet, 80% of the proceeds go to reducing our access fees here at the Board. Click here.

September 29, 2005
What a situation! The poll is at 50/50.  So I've extended the polling another 10 days to October 10th. So get over there and vote. VOTE HERE.
In other news, The Cemetery Book is about 2 weeks away. I'll have links setup for ordering your copies. DO NOT pay the the cover price. I will have discounts for us. For bulk sales, you will be better off at the links and phone numbers I'll post. I will not be able to discount bulk sales for anyone, that's the publisher's territory.
My Work:    nc2, nc2a, ncol, ncol2, see-saw, seesaw
Bill Piesher:   grape1, grape2, gunn2, hands1a, hands1a1, hands1a2, mastif1, mex1

September 13, 2005
Starting to look like Yahoo! 'round here, huh? Well, look at it this way: the Board gets 80% of sales for autographed copies sold of I REMEMBER YOU, and 80% of ALL net sales from THE CEMETERY BOOK. Which translate to lower fees for us.
My Work:  nutfrog, bros, castro, cohen, cohx, cohx2, cola,
                  column, danza, degen, delsa, dune, elgart

September 5, 2005
The Cemetery Book is being printed as I write this. Should be available during October, maybe sooner.
My Work:  bourne, chiwawa, chiwawa1, chiwawa2, footfal2, footfall

Bill Piesher: gfire, gfire2, gfire3, gfire4, gfire5, gfire6, gfire7, gfire8 

August 13, 2005

My Work:  pooe, m19, m20, m21, m22, poodleg1
Bill Piesher:  calla1g, 1959e, 56f1d, bull4a, chain33a, deertoy,
                    farmers1, farmers2, fire1, chv3

July 27, 2005
My first book - a detective mystery with a twist is now available. Today is the publication's date. If you purchase through the autograph copy link the money comes to the Board and you will not only get a signed copy but receive a discount from taxes and shipping. Way I figure it, for every 3 copies sold, it's like one extra member at the board for that month. Let's buy several copies! The CEMETERY BOOK is next in line. I will also tie in profits to this Board, but in a much limited format; such as sales directly from the Board. Click here to review order I REMEMEBER YOU.

July 24, 2005

My Work:  benj, broken, bullride, bullx, end2, endtrail, epp,
                  eppa, johnd, klau, spurs

July 11, 2005
I just wrote three books. Sorry, but I've been distracted from the Board. I need another week or so to 'drain my brain' then I'll get back to work, post more designs and give you my vision for the Board's future. Since no one wants to take it from me, I intend to make changes. One will be to work deals with my books and services. Such as "Buy a book, get a week free" and things like that.  Fees will drop to under $40 by October. I am all ears for other suggestions.
I encourage you to visit my personal site, www.joepegasus.com and especially my Literature page, www.joepegasus.com/yman/fiction.htm so that you can follow the progress of the books. Make sure you review THE CEMETERY BOOK, you will want copies for yourself and your customers - if you value your customers. The book is not yet marketed but has orders from companies like Creative Floral, a cemetery association, a few funeral homes and -get this- a Life Insurance company(?) 
I wish to thank Bill, Derick, Moses and Kimon for their contributions of artwork to The Cemetery Book. I pray the book and your names in it will afford you additional memorial business. 
Writing is no easy task. Writing a book is arduous. Writing three is nuts.  Excuse me while I pass out for week or so.

June 24, 2005
The news is geat and wonderful and - you know I'm putting a good face to this. 
Mike has backed out of the purchase of this Board. Dave from Choice has also.  Mike is my brother-in-law and Dave is an old partner and friend. None of that changes, however, this begs the question: now what?
Well, who's my boss now?  
OK, I'm going to need to sleep on all this.  Give me some time to digest and formulate. But expect 1) lower fees soon and 2) Deals.  I'll explain once I have a grip on all this. Rumor concerning my closing of the Board is not true. I do have ideas....

Meanwhile, here's some work from Bill : 37bill1, 37bill2, 37bill3, 37bill4, 37bill5, 37bill6, soy

May 26, 2005
The news I'm hearing is not worth repeating........
My Work:           dx1, dx2, dx3, dx4, menorahx, yp1, yp3, yp4,
                           yp5, yp6, yp7, airborn,
Bill Piesher:         33ford, 33ford2, amca, corps, dognose, dognosf,
                           dognosg, maiden1, maiden2, maiden3, maiden4,
                           mini, outhos, outhos2, yogi
Eddie Zalwasky:  yp2

May 17, 2005
I suppose a good sign is that, nowadays, very few of you voice your opinion; make suggestions; send me orders.  Unless the search engine goes down. Problem that causes is that the very few run the show.  Lately everything is going according to Mike's wisdom because he's a dominant voice and because he's buying my portions of the Board. I don't always agree with him, but, hey, my job is to obey the Board. Anyway, Mike ordered me to remove the sites from the private servers. His logic is that the main site has mirrors and backups, 'we don't need the others.'   OK, makes sense; will lower expenses; less work for me and his people when he takes over. But what if things at the main server go wrong?  You know computers.  Bottom line is that the private servers will come down today.  I own them so if things do go awry, they will be back.  Don't misplace the links.  www.adstone.net and www.ourcyberplace.com  Hopefully we'll never need them...........hopefully.

May 12, 2005
No news is good news...
My Work:  air, aquarius, aries, gemini, lake, leolion, moon, river,
                  sagi, sea, seas, seas2, sky, virgos, water, wind, zodiac

May 2, 2005
Cathy and I got married this morning, honeymooned at Red Lobster and back to work.
Way back when I use to paint sky lines on the streets of NYC and fight cats over scraps for supper I also use to read palms and figure Astro Charts - Hororscopes. So I find it strange that until today we never had astrological images archived.  There'll be more.......have to do Mom's Day first.
My Workblazing, comet, comet2, eclipse, eclipsev, ibanez, mars, marsv,
                  mercury, mercuyv, neptune, neptunev, pluto, plutov, venus,
                  venusv, uranus, uranusv

April 29, 2005
We have an odd problem. The search engines are flukey. Sometimes they stop working but I've discovered that a re-login gets them back. VERY STRANGE is that it goes that way at all 3 servers?? I will get right to the issue, but it's difficult to fix a thing when it's working - if you get my meaning.

April 14, 2005
A few bumps but nice to be back to usual stuff.  If your interested in why all the changes, visit the message board.
My Work: frame12, bible222, bowro, goferjoe,
Bill's Work: dogpan, engs, hound, lab, nova, pug, scooby, shitzu, terri

April 12, 2005
I'm having all kinds of problems at our main server.  If you run into a snag, PLEASE USE THE ADSTONE SERVER, until these are resolved.  From my desk everything is working well.

April 11, 2005
Is the date I moved us to England.  Don't worry, we're still in Florida and New York and we'll likely have a server in Costa Rica by year's end too.  Try all the servers - this, our MAIN server - and all the private ones as they come online to see which is fastest and best for you. And remember, if one is down, the others will still be up.  This new main server also has a mirror so likely it will never be down, but just in case...  OH, if problems logging in recall I can't type well, probably misspelled your user id.  Just email me to have it fixed.

April 9, 2005
Have new drawings to post, however,  I am in the middle of setting up our new Main Server in Jersy, England - or UK, as they say - and also getting two replacement private servers online. So be patient. This ought not take more than a few days - famous last words.

April 4, 2005
Hope your Easter was good. Was eventful over here. Starting June, 2005, Your Board will have a different set-up. I will be your webmaster through 2005 - maybe beyond. We will retain our Not-For-Profit model.  Free accounts have been removed and many services placed aside or removed. The Board will begin to purchase drawings along with the usual UpLoad Warrior method of obtaining drawings. I've been promised that access fees will drop and that UpLoad Warriors will get even better deals than I have offered them. The new "owner" will introduce himself to us all in due time. (Please don't ask what the mystery is all about, I'm only taking orders here.) I will no longer handle the financials, only website related material and records - issues related to YOUR fees, etc; contact me. I am told user fees will drop by 12% come autumn. Apparently, the May to May calender is out the window. But, as you can see, I can still be my feisty self - and am encouraged to be so... odd, huh? Nice thing is that we are migrating onto some mighty big computers located in many different states and countries. (Which might be just more work for me to update each server. GRRRRRRRR)
IMPORTANT:because of changes to servers expect broken links.  Get to know the private servers to jump between them during such problems. ALSO, expect the need to login more than once - as some links will refer to other servers.  (I will fight to smooth this out as much as possible for us all.)



March 13, 2005
Happy holidays to everyone.  Sorry for the unabashed advertising but, hey, Old Joe needs the money.
Files converted and posted:
My Work: book14, book15, flower14, full14, full15, full16
Bill's contributions: bobcat, dachshun, ferret, rabbit.fullmc

March 5, 2005
Finished search engines. New private server has been cancelled. Long story but has to do with the host (Yahoo.com) being a UNIX server which would require a complete re-write of our entire site of over 10 gigs.  
Files converted and posted:
My Work: Re-converted cheer.PLT and pom.PLT, fixed those annoying problems on page /html/ht15/free4.htm, hedge, oldman, oldman2, swordfish
Bill's contributions: az, bike3, bur1y, bur1z, firex, hf1, hf2, hf3, hf4, hf5, scroll48

February 24, 2005
I know everyone is clamoring about Wish List drawings and postings of new designs. Sorry. I'm up to my ears with building a new private server, selling off my personal interest in the Board and programing new search engines.  All valid chores here at MyDraw.

February 1, 2005
I'm involved with putting together a brochure for stencil designs and cuts. Can see the start of the project here For those not in the know, on advice from a potential owner, we're going to publish brochures to prompt stencil cut sales.  We're also going to re-think and re-do the way we design and cut stencil, so visit the STENCIL area every so often for updates. And check the STENCIL MESSAGE BOARD for all details. Reason I say this and post this is that YOU may want specific designs in the brochures and/or get on board as a designer or cutter.

January 30, 2005
Work done:
3 conversations with suitors for the Board.
Opened dialog with KUA for 2005 contract for hosting servers.
Fixed the Hebrew Search Engine.
Edited all pages from top level of Board to Library/Logos (logos in process.)

January 29, 2005
Besides being real sick, yet on the mend, I am recoding all 48,567 pages here at the Board due to too much SPAM coming to my old email address as well as prepping the Board for Mike - our only suitor. Mike employs several webmasters and he - as well as I - see a need to adjust our links. Thus I haven't gotten to many drawings -did do a hedgehog- or convert any files. Slow time of year anyway, right?

 January 10, 2005
On January 5, 2005 around 12:30 PM in an ambulance taking me to Atlantic Maryland General everything changed for me - and my role at the Board:  I flat lined.  Died. 
Obviously I'm back.  Thanks to an attendant named Jack and a half dozen people I'll never meet again, though owe so much. Presently I'm suffering from pneumonia, on the mend and re-evaluating my place on earth - yes, I did spend some time in an "other" world, as much as I was never a believer. Forced or pushed back here,  I have to choose wisely going forward - I suggest you do also.
I apologize for my absence.  Christmas at the florist distracted me although I did handle everything which came my way.  Those 2 members who phoned my Florida home, sorry, during holidays please call 888-756-0710 instead.  I am back at the server - both servers - now and should be getting back to normal in days. 
However,  I am giving my notice.  Been doing this since 1972 (GemRock) - online as Quantum then ADSTONE.BBS then ADSTONE.net since 1977 - then on the Net since 1992 (adstone.com) and think I built y'll a very impressive tool.  Sure wrote a lot of history in several trades, huh? Thank YOU for supporting the project. 
We have a buyer.  Name is Mike and he is a member since the late 80's.  He is a fabricator and wants to take the Board into the Big Time.  I have run this purchase by ShelbyM last October and he's not against it.  I still prefer a buyer from the memorial sector, but as long as Mike pays for my servers, my name,  my drawings and compensates Bill, Derick, Moe, Shelby, Kimon, Mark and Ken for theirs; I will bow out gracefully. Either way, folks,  I don't want to "own" the Board come Easter.
Naturally - it is my baby - I will hang in and webmaster and admin until YOU instruct me differently. But let's not drag this out. I am walking away from a beloved as I move on from The Drawing Board. Don't want to glance backwards too often as I go.

Sincerely Yours,
Joe Auricchio

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