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My Opinion on SOPA
An official statement.

I have been offering CAD art online since 1981. First as a BBS, then as a FTP and since 1993 on the WWW. Everything on my site - the world's largest archive of CAD vector art (DXF, EPS etc) - is original art. We will not post it unless the original artist uploads it to us and states it is their own. But we do (or until now had) have original drawings of anothers art subject. Such as Disney characters. No way can this be considered stolen, but unless the law is very clear, anyone can report the image at My Drawing Board and we'll have to find the funds to prove them wrong. Oh, BTW, we're not for profit; finding funds is not an option. We'd just close shop after 31 years.

I do not like that property can be stolen. I have often come across my own art used to profit others that was ripped off from me. When it's your only source of income, that is painful. (Fortunately art was never my source of income.) However, I do not understand why these new rules ignore the core idea of art, literature and intellectual property. Artists want to contribute to the community and to the art form itself. Personally, I want to add to and beautify the vector art form. Yes, I would like a fair compensation and a just recognition. Yet I do not think it fair to horde my art and deny access to it and turn it into a personal meal ticket.

I suggest we handle this dilemma pretty much in the traditional way: If a site is stealing property the artist ought to have the right to allow it and/or seek compensation. Shutting down entire sites, closing off areas of the Net are not the solution. It will take all of about 2 weeks before the public learns what FTP is and some genius develops a browser that will find it's way around the road block. As a last ditch effort the bad guys can (and already do) email you Hollywood's latest and greatest. During those 2 weeks the bad guy sites will be all too happy to hand out the phone number to their modems.

Only those who do not understand what the Net is will be fooled by this Act. Just as so many are fooled every time they open their portal to the Net with a browser. That's the WWW, a tiny, little part of the Internet. 

Wouldn't it just be a lark if America, the birth place of the Internet and the World Wide Web goes back to dialup? LOL


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