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Dec. 13, 2002
This last posting wraps up this year, folks.  I have to give my customers at Ye Olde Friendly my undivided attention through Christmas.  I'm just an email away, and ShelbyM is at the helm, so don't fret. I wish to extend the best of holiday cheer to everyone and thanks back to all the cheer sent my way. You're all too kind.
Converted and posted this week:..............
My Work:......................  phdes, rose570, sansone, sansone2, mary14, mary15 ( are Lady o' Mt Carmels), LBC,
                                         lifheart, lifdes, lilhand , deedes, passio2, passio3,
Kimon Brown:................ car, carp, jesus, kokapeli, sun, sun2,
Bill Peisher:.................... cbill1, cbill2, cbill3, cbill3, cbill4, cbill5, cbill6, cbill7, cbill8,, bjesus,
                                          bjesus1, bjesus2, bjesus3, bjesus4, bjesus5, bjesus6, 
                                         bjesus7,justrosebilldoz, billdoz2, billdoz3, billdoz4, laby, laby2, laby3, xmashol
Linda Williams:.............. bookros, bookrose, bumble, gator, jdeere, leaves, leaves2, pan, pot, potpans,

Dec. 8, 2002
    Listening to the plush, exotic sounds from the rap group Everlast while reading the back cover of Paul Simon's Graceland is like paying attention to Jim at Monu-cad as he explains the algorithm dancing away inside my CADD's computer screen - it's suddenly obvious I know absolutely nothing about music or paying attention!  Makes me wonder what else I'm missing?  Well, one thing we are missing at the Board is a black Jesus.  I've asked across the list server but no one's responded.  So, here's the scoop, I will get around to drawing it myself, however, I'm up to my ears in what I do know - flowers and Christmas blankets.  Anyone out there have one or can find the time to draw an ethnic Jesus and other saints, please send it along.
   And think about it: this ought to be very impressive and unique because all the "black" Jesus' I found are simply crackers with deep tans; straight hair and all that.  We're vector artists here, no colors to fool folks.  Lines, arcs and circles. Makes ya kinda want to be a fly on the wall when some master painter comes across the work once we post it. We can't toy with suggestion here. It's either black or white............(just had to get that in..:})
    In another note, I'll post the new postings soon, yet you might want to know I posted 2 Ladies of Mt Carmel over in the Saints area.  I know a few of you have been asking for her.

Dec. 5, 2002
    Thanksgiving wasn't worth the trip to New York.  Gosh! The NY economy is drowning!  House prices are sky-rocketing (because everyone wants out of the City) but biz is slow. So ain't that a great lead-in to beg all of you to send your Christmas flowers through me this year? Actually, Maria, Clive and a new affiliate have broken their programing fingers to bring you and us a new service.  Need gifts and flowers?  Choose the Residential link over at my flower shop site.
     I want to thank those of you who have and will sign up at our expanded Cyber Community.  The going is slow but we're at close to 20 members. Quiet cyber place. Still, it don't cost us anything to host it and once the numbers jump, the place will be hoping.

Nov. 24, 2002
I have to dash to New York to tend to Ye Olde Friendly Flower Shoppe. Shelbym has the helm. Do enjoy the holiday. Florist guys have to work so you better stay home and eat! 

Nov. 23, 2002
    Linda Williams revealed to me earlier today that her day has to open with a cup of stiff coffee right here on the What's New page. (Mornin' to ya, Linda.) When a fellow workers ask what's on Derick Earp's computer screen, he replies, "My Drawing Board." And there's enough drawings here to back up that notion. Bill Peisher's critical comments disguise the eye of an admirer. Moses? This IS his archive with over 86,000 drawings to prove it!  JeffG will not think of selling a cabinet design without browsing the Board together with his clients.  And when in 1995, a young man logged onto what was then called GemRock, he not only fell in love with this Board, he will likely be its webmaster when my eyes drop out of their sockets; namely ShelbyM.
    I have a tome of nice tales like these, really. You all make me proud.  Thank you.  I will strive to be sterling.
    As you all know, thanks to a law suit (the one we lost) ADSTONE and GemRock are no more.  I miss ADSTONE most. GemRock just merged with Denis' MyDrawingBoard and here we are. I miss the community ADSTONE was and have been longing to bring it back.  I assigned my best programmers to the task, they took it less seriously than I. Recently ShelbyM asked if I was a member of the Monument Yahoo! group. Of course not, I'm a florist. He said that they were all tired of pop-up menus and ads, and this and that. Well, my mind just went goody-gum-drop!  That's how to bring ADSTONE back. An online community! No frills, no ads, no pop-ups and it can serve to enhance our own site here!  If the Yahoo! crowd come along, fine.  I know 60% of you would love having your peers close at hand.  Bottom line is that if this can replicate the old ADSTONE, damn, we're gonna have fun!  I do know our very own Kathy Sinnott will be involved - ADSTONE was nothing without her.  Kathy is trying to track down Terrie for some live weekly Trivia Pursuit games. And who knows,  Sam and Lori might even pop up to offer some of their shady romance advise (gag me with a spoon and a pair of hand cuffs!)
    Ladies and gentlemen, it's not near finished yet fully functional.  I wish to thank ShebyM for his input in its creation.  I give the koo-doos to Clive for his outstanding programming and blood-letting efforts. A thanks to Maria for her logo work (not yet posted.) I encourage all of you to take the time to explore, visit and revisit and help build  this old but very new cyber place.  And we call it ourCYBERplace, click here to enter.
     Nov. 20, 2002
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:....................... passio, phrose, rose85, shep3, xends, atigerli, bwreath, abud4, abud5, cvx, dogcross, rosenx,
Moses:........................... compas, hesugly, moeanc, mountd2, mountd3, mountd5, mountf, rugman, sailin1, sailin2, sailin3, sailin4, spag2,
    Nov. 17, 2002
Visit the new Main Menu, notice the new Chat (which will not be busy until we all start visiting as a routine or schedule chat events) and notice the new QUICK-FIND page.
I re-did the SAINTS library because I, myself, hated going in there and only blindly picking saints by those file names.  DO NOT RELY solely on that library for all your saints. The Saints Lib was actually for the finer artists among us and humble drafters like me use it only as reference.  You might find yourself browsing it a bit more now that I did some house cleaning. Click here to visit the entrance.
Thanks to a new supporter, Phil, I now know that to use the Texas state seal costs you $285 per year. I mention this just to remind you that although we offer you tons of logos, seals - saints - and much more, some of those things require you pay royalities to use them. I posted a note on the State Seal page, click here to review it.

Nov. 11, 2002
Anyone who remembers and liked to play with the old "MyDrawingBoard" here's a link to it.  You can't order a thing from it but you can play with it all you like.  It has returned to be used for On Angel's Wings so you and others can order wings. But this link  TheDrawBoard has nothing to do with that - this is for fun.

Nov. 8, 2002
Gosh, I'm so sick with cold but sooo busy!  I have a way cool posting coming soon for anyone who ever attened high school, so watch for it.. and lots more, but for now:
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:........................628, nx2x, d2corner, 1patch, botsb2, ph4,
Jedi D. Upload Warrior:... jedix1, jedix2, jedix3, jedix4, jedix5, jedix6, jedix7, jedix8, jedix9, jedix9a, jedix9b, jedix9c, jedix9d, jedix9e
Moses:............................cast1, shep1, shep2, smatdor, pegasus November 5, 2002
Forgive me, guys, but I'm suffering from the flu.  I haven't posted even 10 jobs yet but have been busy creating new areas on the Board as well as some hefty back-room work.  Of  Note: 1) I have installed a chat room program and it's up and running, but not decorated or dressed up yet.  Go fiddle with it all you like, but you might want to call a friend to have someone to chat with.  Tell them to point their browser at:  I hope you all use it wisely - which means "have fun."   2) On Angel's Wing is in place but not fully there yet. It is mostly aimed at you dealers with cemetery florist shops (that's me!) but Angel also sells to the general public; they like them to, but go in for the lapel pins and buttons mostly.  I don't know how many of you remember the old DRAWING BOARD program.  I'm getting that in place for a return (mostly for Angel's Wing) but I'm sure y'all will play with it too. 3) I started up the old message board again. October 26, 2002
Golly, what a busy week, huh? If you read the What's New weekly, you better read all the latest entries - there's been 3 design postings in under 2 weeks. So much going down.
Not my style what I'm about to say, however, things make me say them. The "things" are that 1) our application to be a federally recognized archive were turned down.  Apparently contributors can not wholly own their work and also post it in an archive. No biggie, I just have to now figure in taxes when I figure in next year's fees. I also have to stop calling the Board a 'national' archive. That all fits in with the other things.. 2) ..as many of you already know, ShebyM is only formalities away from owning this board - another reason we were rejected as an archive - folks who like my style need not fret.  The board is very large and I will be the webmaster until I can't type any longer. I will also have a controlling interest unless a really good offer pops up (like Shelby's was.) But, I warn you, I have been doing this at no compensation worth the time since 1984, and as one not all that moved by bucks, I can't see myself not converting and posting designs for you. I love this stuff! 3) Here's me out-of-character -  So far this month the Board has given you 135 brandie new designs. SUCH A DEAL for only $40!  (give me a break, will ya.... contributors sent over 900 drawings so far this month. I'm actually behind.) But as we move from national archive to Shelby and Joe's jaunt, ShelbyM likes to nudge me to remind you all of the great deal we have here for you. (Would you be here otherwise? I don't think sooooo.) Anyway, sorry to have all this reading for you,  and don't forget to catch up.  Converted and posted this week are:
My Work:..........xfingers, lily78, tulip79, caplily, sham80, adst109, rpx2, created new download area strictly for crosses, but is a work in progress, See posting of October 25th for details.
Moses:..............walrus1, wizard, wizard1, wizard2, woodpek1, clam1a, crab1a, dinosr1, dinosr2, dinosr3, dinosr4, egleatin, equin2, equin2a, equin2b, fishcool, flamin1, Bill Peisher:.....anyone who ever doubted that this man can layout check out the file named family..family, greek, billivy, billmkr, billpan, nursecap, bbhat, tshirt, billbud, billbud2, billbud3, billbud4, These are duplicat names but not duplicate drawings (I just screwed up.)

October 25, 2002
Here's some thing you'll love to know we have, hate to use it until it's fully in place and it's one of those things you've been asking for but I think will confuse all of you.  You'll notice on the SEARCH PAGE that I've added two new shortcuts to the existing two of  FLOWERS and LOGOS.  They are Latin Crosses and Celtic Crosses.  Trouble with creating these shortcut areas is that I can never figure out what to post in them.  For example: do I post ALL designs with crosses in the area? Or just crosses? Maybe crosses but with some design?  Like with the flowers, I've opted to post all crosses alone but some that appear to me not to be able to stand alone. However, crosses found in full designs are not in this area. Confused yet? Well, try this over a 7&7:  the area is no where near complete nor in place as of this moment.  And, like the FLOWERS and LOGOS area, probably never will be complete.  Still there is this one ray of light... the pages are very large.  You won't be skipping around pages much at all.  You'll just be scrolling up and down like a yo-yo.  Hey, don't stick your tongue out at me, it was you guys and ShelbyM that fought me on these "shortcut" areas ever since 1997. I am just ye olde humble servant - remember that... especially around Christmas  :}

October 24, 2002 All the cops in the donut shops say: Way-oh-way-oh-way-ooo-aaa-ooo... Walk Like an Egyptian - Bangles Goodness the frights we're all getting (since the Republicans got power) these last 2 years, huh? The Stock Market robbed me of near a million bucks, 911 was terrible: Dave and Jeff were stuck in the City for 2 days, Gina (the boss at Ye Olde Friendly) lost 4 family members. My nephew was the camera guy with that nutty female reporter who dragged him all over ground zero while buildings were falling around them if you remember that scary TV moment?  I lost 3 friends myself.  Then there is this thing with raising my grandson, and that war thing where 15 of 19 Arabs bomb NY so we attack Afghanistan (or some such place I've never heard of.)  And just to keep us on our toes, some father and son team play sniper all around my granddaughters' neighborhood!!  Yikes!  So where's the KGB?  I mean the  Homeland security when you need them?
Some where in here I guess I have to tie all this into our What's New - Hummm... been a good couple of years for the memorial folk, and my flower shop? Not that you can notice. Cemeteries in NY did well. Sorry, I have to say there's just nothing good to say.
But, Linda had something to say about getting around the Board and the size of V-lines and about all those (dog) designs I've been removing lately. I suggest you read her question and my answer. It's on the FAQ page. It's the first question in the SPECIFIC QUESTIONS area.
Not much of any good news or a clever  tie-in but leaves us all on a clear note.

October 19, 2002
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:.......... frank4, cboy9, ANGEL50, jones2, rings2,
Moses:.............. bee1a, catflwrs, catfish1, fly1, flyinw, gulls1, indi2, indi3, kiwi1, lion1, loons1, ostrich1, owl1a, paraket1, peacock3, pelikan1, pigeon1, roaches, runroad1, snale1, squid2, starfish, swann1, termites, tkaim9, tucan2, witchfly
Sherri Henly:..... famkids, famread, angelfly,
Derrick Earp:.......dunn, mccar,  clark, hat4, hat5, mullek  

October 15, 2002    Here's a delightful email from ShelbyM.  You may work your way through this (I do suggest you read it some of you may not be aware of this great service) and then learn all the details and add yourself to the server over on our chat page, click here.
     OK Joe, I have the list setup at design@v-cut.com, if a user wants to sign up all they do is send a message to design-subscribe@v-cut.com  If they would like to stop messages they can send to design-unsubscribe@v-cut.com    I added you and the others from the old designers list to this email.  If you would like to post the  welcome email that would be great!  Also as an added bonus I am archiving the message board at:  http://www.v-cut.com/list-archive/design/maillist.html   This archive is also searchable and the whole bit.  A nice addition I think, let me know what you think.  The one test message you see was just sent to me for my personal testing....your welcome message should appear shortly after you send....well it might take an hour, as I have it archiving once and hour.    Let me know of other enhancements I can do. Shelby   October 11, 2002
     Worth mentioning especially now that Linda - a Gerber Omega user - is sending along work: Many of the purists among us (I be one) refute work that comes to us as unfinished and appears to be a scan-job without cleaning.  Omega images get converted to me (and thus "us") that way.  However, at least for me, I have found that changing the line color to yellow and quickly tracing over the image then removing all yellow lines (I can do that in one sweep) is a very easy way to make good use of a drawing you might have passed over.  It's also worth noting that all of you (and me too) often sight Moses for sending work that is very non-memorial.  I'm sure our fabricator members and sign folk love Moe, but as a word of wisdom: you never know what the next customer wants on his tombstone - that's how we got the George Washington Bridge and all those light houses.  It may amuse you that the fran image and the ken image right under it on HT5/FREE39.HTM are actual designs I cut for a Jersey monument company way back when I was in the biz.... back in my "stone" age.  ...This week's converts and postings are....
My Work: 3rosespr, angel424, clad4v, dove3, handsx, ox, cainx, buck4, frank2
Linda Williams: 100bill, 32e, beagle, chorse, couple, dime, nfdma, truckr, wreath, linda2, linda3
Moses: flwr2372, flwr2374, flwr2375, flwr2376, flwr2377 October 8, 2002
     "Our" lawyer is all over me about a Federal Supreme court case coming up today or tomorrow concerning Disney and copyrights. Rich (Richard L. Levine, Esq) agrees with me and lots of the companies themselves who have replied to our requests to post their logos and trademark work.  Employees who want the works on their headstones, or trinkets ought to have that right without a thought to infringement. Thus we have them here for you to download and cut.  But now Rich is ranting that we might be infringing on the trademark side of things by displaying the images. (I wish these guys would had lost their minds way back when I did, at least we'd be on the same page.) Anyway, they will not be showing through your search results within a few days. If you need them they will be in the library under logos.   BUT, and here's the big butt, ladies and gentlemen, you need to safeguard your legal rear ends to use the work once downloaded. How you do that is of no concern of mine. I just have the legally-perverted pleasure of warning you about it. I suggest you get some kind of wavier from your customer.  Sorry, it's the LAW. (Or so the lawyers tell me.) October 5, 2002
     The ListServer is down - in case you're wondering.  But ShelbyM is moving it over to his office and it will return shortly.  The search engine is still picking up information from sources most of you couldn't care less about.  As I mentioned on

September 25, 2002, I am not in a hurry to fix this problem, so bare with it. All the same, the first thing I am doing is to place all the art galleries into one area.  You'll see it on the main menu soon enough and do visit our struggling artists when you have a chance.  (Hummm, strange way of saying it since we're all struggling artists here.)

October 3, 2002
     I wish to thank Jamie for sending us a new member.Yet another supporter signed up this week (actually 3 new members) but she was recommended by someone I don't know...?  So thanks.  It is nice to see folk returning (as 2 did) and new sign ups. I was bitting my finger nails there for a spell worrying if we need to raise user fees next year instead of dropping them. At this time, we can't drop, but we're holding only 2 members away from staying at the $40.
     38 new images this week. Nothing as dramatic as that George Washington Bridge from last week, but leopard1 and mytiger are cute. Theresa2 is a re-draw of our old standard St. Theresa, you may want her. Crescent is a religious symbol and was posted with  starmoon to show you the difference, and there's a very important difference indeed! Bill has given us a tool chest worth of designs. You will need them.  Teddy4 is a duplicate file name, so be careful. This teddy4 is designed for the Brooklyn Diocese which allows a 4 inch area for any image holy or unholy. 
     My Work: sham14, bgreen, christh, bn108, crescent, leopard1, mkrbook, mytiger, teddy4, theresa2, 75, 67, mcdonald, mickdx, sham13
     Eddie Zawaski: 38, 73
     Bill Peisher: hammer, pylers, saws, spade, wrench, billbud1, billbud2, billbud3, billbud4, billbud5, billbud6, billbud7, billbud8, billbud9, billrosa, billrosb, billspr September 25, 2002
Dropping the domains listed on Sept. 7 (see below) has saved us some bucks.  Then our email server had to be tossed out. Which also means that our ListServer (Designers@mydrawingBoard.com) is no longer - until I find another way of doing it.  The costs for that were figured in this year's fees because we started out with KUA's email service anyway.  But I had planned on dropping that fee ($225 per month) and running our own or using Shelby's.  Looks like that won't be.
Anyway as mentioned in that same posting, resources are not linked correctly.  I'm fixing them on the fly, but I noticed one glitch that tickled me: if you do a search (say for celtic or poetry) you find items from my literary site which were once at adstone.com. I also noticed that (now that I dragged all the sites together) we have 4 copies of international flags and things like that. I'm in no hurry to fix stuff we can link to, I'm paying attention to getting back any missing links. 
Lastly,  none of us like "mid-week" posting of designs, but since I'm here.......
My Work: jhook, gwb, gwb2
Kimon: celtbull, celticx, celts, dfan, drag2, dragon3, dragz, nofear, peace, skullf, lizard
Jedi D. UploadWarrior: 9202a, 9202b, 9202c, 9202d, 9202e, 9202f, 9202g, 9202h, 9202i, 9202j, 9202k, 9202l, 9202m, 9202n, 9202o, 9202p, 9202q

September 20, 2002
I'm up to my ears with Christmas Blanket Order form mail-outs, while keeping an eye on our (so-far-so-good) crashy server, so all I have for you is 19 new drawings posted this week.  I had to squeeze Moses' work in ahead of some very nice cotributions (sorry, Dave, Bill) but at last count I have over 80,000 drawings from Moe still waiting conversion. Not to mention what's still in storage on the server.
My work: fdnyx
Moses: flwr2355, flwr2356, flwr2357, flwr2358, flwr2359, flwr2360, flwr2361, flwr2362, flwr2363, flwr2364, flwr2365, flwr2366, flwr2367, flwr2368, flwr2369, flwr236a, flwr2370, flwr2371
September 17, 2002
Just a note to the more serious and discerning eyes out there: Moses is by anyone's standard a pure romantic artist.  He spends eons of time just watching nature, people, places, and things and interpreting them on paper. Unfortunately, he never labels his work.  So when you see his flower collection from flwr01 to flwr9777 I am the one who identifies each flower, not Moe (and I redraw a lot of them to accomodate stencil). Thankfully for all of you, flowers are my specialty (I wasn't a flower child for nothing! ... and a florist too.) However, Moe will come up with a flower that just can't exist from time to time.  flwr236a is one of those along with a handful of others.  Especially if Moe doesn't supply a leaf - the real way to ID a flower - I kill too much time trying to find the flower and label it for you.  In  the case of flwr236a, I know of only one flower in nature with three pedals which looks anything like his flwr236a, that's a Common Cyclamen, and so I identified it as such.  What it really is?  I don't think even Moe knows. September 16, 2002
So sorry about the crashes this last week.  I have tried everything and still no good, so I'm going to replace the server and bring this one to the repair bench.  Now what that means is that tons of services you have taken for granted will not work until the server is replaced, so expect troubles. But, at least, we'll still be here. I did post about 12 new drawings and am now settling in to post a bunch more, but I will not post the list until I have them all up.  If all goes well, buy week's end. September 9, 2002
Some interesting drawings this week. I am "resurrecting" Moses from his latest journey to the mountain of copyright infringements and the burning bush of design removals.  Not that you should stop bringing scrolls of information to me, please continue, but I'm no longer throwing his work into the dead sea until I actually have proof.  Too many are turning up to be authentically Moe's.  But some are not - and he admits it.  I suppose it's only human to break your own commandments at times.
My Work: flute, roul, a re-draw of SEACAPT, shipwl, thumbsup
Bill: accord, adogdes, aceltdes, aheartd, daugh, windmill, lovenote, poem, rag1, rambo, roseoval
Moses: drawin1, drippin, giddyup, punkim8, softdk, stpaddy, cupid2
Derick Earp: baat, barter, braggs, cat10, dao, dd, gentry, girlsct1, knowles, oddfellow, plane6, raymond, tractor4

September 7, 2002
This will likely affect near no one, but if I don't alert you to it, I'll get complaints from those who do run into the problem. In an effort to lower our costs and bring them in line to our income I am shutting down services from our ISP instead of rasing rates.  I will be closing the sites mentioned below.  Some of the board's resources "live" within those sites (no designs, however.) So if you click on a link which takes you to a blank page or error, please note the URL (address) if it is one of the following, you're out of luck. ADSTONE.NET     ONLINEFREE.NET   AURICCHIO.ORG   KORALYNNPAIGE.COM   PATAURICCHIOJR.COM      FORINFOLEADINGTO.COM   FORINFORMATIONLEADINGTO.COM           FORINFORMATIONLEADAINGTO.INFO       4INFOLEADINGTO.COM       KISSIMMEECHAT.COM       KISSIMMEECHAT.INFO   MOUSEDRIVINGLESSONS.COM  

September 3, 2002
I may have complained about this before: We are losing more members to cancellations this year than in total of all previous years.  I mention it today because we have now fallen below a number which will support the Board.   Not to annoy you folks, yet I ask you to mention and recommend our service to your friends and peers. Newly posted designs:
My Work: horse5a, angel17, lilceltt, starmoon, salvo2, salvo3
A new contributor to watch, Renato Aquino: pistol
Bill: army, hallow1, heartb, heartb2, heartb3, heartb4, heartb5, heartb6, heartrib, hallow2, happy1
Kimon Brown: dogpaw, fskull, feather, inpets, indance, la, spider, tcat, tuna, wolf
Sherri: cotton  August 30, 2002
Just a recommendation.  I purchased 2  Ceiva Picture Frames last week.  One for Mom, one for Dad. And I've been buying an average of one per day since.  Here's an item long in the waiting, works seamlessly and is great fun.  Check it our. Click here.

August 26, 2002
Not much posted this week, although I have tons to post.  An unusual experience this week where I spent a lot of time removing work claimed to be copyrighted only to learn that it wasn't. So I had to put it all back. Silly, huh?
My Work:  Baller, 4dice, lilyht, sh5, sh6
Bill: army, dasiys1, dasiys2, dasiys3, dasiys4, dasiys5, degroff1, degroff2, winters
Kimon Brown: Anchor, anchor1a, anchor1b, anchor1c, anchor1d, bearpaw

August 19, 2002
Only been in town 2 days, not much shaking for new designs. Been real busy with all kinds of things. ShelbyM is getting real serious about changing everything from our looks to our operations. These next months should be very interesting indeed!
My work: 35ph, bot2
Bill Peisher: celtbila, celtbilb, celtbilc, celtbild, celtbile, cetlbilf, celtbilg, celtbilh, celtbili, celtbilj, celtbilk, celtbill, cetlbilm, latinbil

August 16, 2002
Back...... Circumstances are forcing me to make adjustments 'all-around' that I don't really want to make, but will.  What directly affects us is that I have asked my attorney to withdraw our application to become a federally approved "Archive."  That will affect our educational members and students - just how, I don't know right now.  Worse case is that you'll pay just like everyone else, but likely at a reduced rate.  This move also requires that we watch our back even more now. If - and I'm sure I will - submit papers to form a business of our archive, then copyrights become oh so more important and taxes and paper pushes might raise user fees. That will depend on so many issues.  But it also allows me and us to start using our resources for profit. Shelby has been pushing some very unique and exciting ideas around ( as well as bidding to buy the board ) and I find myself now ready to say, "Let's explore all avenues."  In the past, I never wanted to employ the for-profit model because, well, the board is hard enough work as a not-4-profit model.  Times have changed and circumstances demand a change. Hey, perhaps your administrators will carry less bravado and more concern - I mean; no one has ever called me "Mr. Polite" yet. And can you envision James actually fixing a broken server in less than a month's time!?!?!  Well, maybe that's asking too much.

August 2, 2002
An emergency has called me to New York. I'll be there at least 10 days.  I conferred with ShelbyM and he will handle all new members, credit card issues, design issues and my email. I felt really comfortable, then he goes and adds: "Boy! as soon as the old man's gone I'm going to throw an online party!"  OK, have fun. How come we never have parties when I'm in charge?  :(
Meanwhile, I have some new drawings. I have to thank Bill and koodoos to Ken Dyal for helping out during this rough patch I ran into.
Featured artist: Ken Dyal: bookworm, diploma, director, mkr12a, makr18, mkr2, mkr21, mkr216, mkr31, mkr32, mkr98, outhouse, unclesam, wishbone
My Work: 1poe, 2poe, frose2, wolf

August 1, 2002
Mr&Mrs Derick Earp(our very own Derick) welcome to the world their daughter Hannah. She was born on July 24, 2002 at 5:57 PM.  She weighed 7 lb and 15oz and was 21" long.  Click here to see lil Hannah.

July 26, 2002
Upload Warriors pay heed! I ran into a real problem at the florist. We had an item - forever - which are resin castings of little rocks with endearments scribbled on them. Well, the designer died and - although the original "Visitor Stones" were  actual stones cut by me way back when, I no longer have the equipment to do them.  So Cathy and I are spending all our spare time learning about getting high with urethanes and learning how to  sculpt (easy for this old stone cutter,) mold and cast.  Therefore, I have to rely on the members to supply the daily does of drawings - for at least this week.   Whew! long winded message, huh?  Must be the urethane and polyurethane vapors.  Oh, one other thing.  As you know I'm webmaster over at Visualcadd.org and today I just posted a program that will spell check in CADD (nifty, huh?) VisCad users check it out. Click here. And choose FILES from the side bar menu.

July 23, 2002
50 new designs and one correction: heores was misspelled. Looks like Bill Peisher is filling the void Moses left. And Bill's work is all stone compatiable.   Jedi Warrior: dx, dx, dx3, dx4, dx5, dx6, dx8, dx9, dx10, dx11, dx12, dx13, dx14, dx15, dx16
My Work: celtic5, celtic6, FIXED HEROS TO HEROES,
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July 14, 2002
Here's the last few days posting - 31 originals a little early because my daughter is in town and I intend to spend a few days showing her around Disney. And I am revising the Featured Area (thanks to suggestions by Bill Peisher).
Stand up and take notice of Sherri's work - especially Angel3. Gosh, her angels are so beautiful I hated putting the copyright notice across them. But it's the beautiful ones they're stealing from us, right?
Refined and updated: 1,
Featured Artists: Sherri Henly with angel1, angelsin, angel3, angel5, angel6, angels1
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July 8, 2002
Just got back from Miami, no good news to announce.  Cathy and I did get to spend 2 days on Sanibel Island - I highly recommend it (perhaps you'll enjoy it nearer winter, tho.)  I also found a great little mouse for my grandson I want to recommend to parents, check it out at: http://secret7.com/learn.asp   No new designs this week, due to biz in Miami - I'll have a list next week.

June 24, 2002
44 new images this week - 220 new in all formats.  Expect none (or very few) next week as I will be attempting to establish a new co-location in Miami. Some very nice work this week. I also did some redraws of the images claimed to be copyrighted by others.  And, because some of Moses' new work originated from the same source, I redrew them by concept (same idea, different look.)
DERRICK - zalo, dog10, davis2, deakle, eagles, maryd2, mckeever, minorra, nabers, schiling, wien
MyDrawBoard- that's me: celticf, celticf2, swimmer, swimmer2,
REDRAWS: lhasa1, peekaboo, poodle1, samboy, bulldog, boston1, scotchdg.
FROM CONCEPTS BY MOSES: 2inabox, allpets, daydream
Moses: dblbird, envelope, flwr2348, flwr2349, flwr2350, flwr2351, flwr2352, flwr2353, hrglass9, hrt6, mailbag, motif99c, motif99d, motif99e, motif99f, motif99g, motif99h, motif99i, motif99j

June 24, 2002
35 new drawings posted this last week. Just me and Ken Dyal this week.  I would have done more but Dad's Day interupted everything and ShelbyM needs new postings 'pronto' to check some thingie he's messing with in the search engine. 35 designs in an average of 5 formats are 175 new designs added to your archve this week; they are: southx, south1, south2, south3, south4, south5, south6, sorose1, sorose2, rosef, mary8a, mary8b, smkx, southmk, 4clad, 4 fire, 4fdny, angel5v, downey, downey2, downey3, hanggldr, loveya, tools, trombone, trumpet, ufo, redraw1, line, mary11, may, mayx, maych, ihs2, mayrose

June 21, 2002
I spent all night studying theMARKETplace. And the programmers spent all night fixing everything I could find wrong with it. Apparently, it's working fine, or good enough to be operable. And it will get better.  Tell your suppliers, vendors, and friends - enemies too.  This kind of site requires involvement. Now, I hate to push because I know how long it takes for a MARKET to develop.  This is not my first go-round with this type of website. Takes patience.  Still, if we can get the trade interested the savings for us all will be a boom - not to mention a higher production turn-around! Expect to get bored with waiting for that special project, or bids on your projects. The boredom don't cost you anything.  But one day, you'll find that when you post a project, bids will come flying in. 

June 20, 2002 - Summer in Florida   ...   is hot. When you register at theMARKETplace please either use your user-ID from the Board or alert me to your username at theMARKETplace.  We don't pay fees over there and you will need to do so if I think you're not you - if that makes sense?  A few of you have had questions about theMARKETplace and I will find answers for you, either myself or ShelbyM who is a usual all around wiz.  Problem is I'm learning as you're learning. But do join. 

June 13, 2002 As mentioned in prior What's New, several designs are being removed forever.  But I am listing them only on the List Server, so if you want to get them before they're gone, join the List Server. Not to be a pain, but this stuff is on the fly.     I will be leaving for NY and Dad's Day right after this posting.  Shelbym will be holding down the fort and I'll be back in under a week.  I have posted a few designs, but will list this week's and next together.  I never get many done around the holidays anyway.

June 10, 2002 51 new drawings posted this last week. You'll find that the return of Bill Peisher, will up the quality of your collection. We have a taste from almost all our very dear Upload Warriors. 
Derrick has sent us his usual memorial designs and a tugboat to boot. Moses has decorated our Board with parrots and cockatiels.
Bill Peisher speaks for himself, a very fine Caddsman in deed. And
Jedi D. UploadWarrior gets a nod with a bunch of crosses, I'll bet you don't have all of these on your system! 
Kimon Brown has been having a bit of trouble uploading - and we can't wait to see his latest. Here's the list: simmons, sirmon, sulivan, thames, tugboat, mexflag, birdpa4, birdpa5, birdpa6, birdpa7, birdpa8, birdpa9, birdpar1, birdpar2, birdpar3, birdpar4, birdpar5, birdpar6, birdpar7, birdpar8, birdpar9, ivybird, brdy6, broken, cheffy, chrub4s, cockatu, sham11, palm02, bill1, bill2, bill3, bill4, bill5, bill6, bill7, bill8, bill9, bill10, davex1, davex2, davex3, davex4, davex5, davex6, davex7, davex8, davex9, davex10, davex11, davex12

June 8, 2002 A new-old member, woodburn, who is actually Bill Peisher has pointed out several designs that are copyrighted material. I will be removing them from the Board.  The first is scotchdg all others will not be posted here as they will be removed rapidly and on the fly.    If you are a member of the List Server, I will send a daily list one day before deletion. 

June 3, 2002

When you see color outside our graphics area you do realize it is only for show. The file is 100% vector. Just a reminder.
mexflag, mexican flag, mexico
Thanks MyDrawingBoard.com
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June 3, 2002   I am going to post weekly a list of designs posted (not those archived - that'll drive me crazy.).  Kinda like a  WHAT'S NEW in DESIGNS posting.  That's a chore in itself, so don't expect links to the designs.  Copy and paste into the search page, if you want to actually see what they look like.  Artists this week are myself (AKA:MyDrawingBoard), and Jedi D. Upload Warrior, and Derick.  I wanted to post some more of Kimon's work, and Jeff's too, but the files they sent wouldn't open for me.  Kimon is sending new files, so maybe next week we'll have more of that very fine CADDsman.  This week's total conversions and posts numbered 46: dave, frank, rayx5, roschap2, dheart4, dnotes, dsunray, crossd, crossd1, crossd2, crossd3, crossd4, crossd5, dxrose, dbible, cane, cochran, ellis1, film, moviepro, russell, 1, peter, animal, animal2, animal3, animal4, auto, bosarge, cooney, curdts, davis, davis1, drungo, frese, hughes, lambert, maryd8, mcatee, petty, radney. radney2, rickell, rubley, shamb, shields.

 May 29, 2002   I was amazed to find that some projects have already been filled over at theMARKETplaceShelbyM and I were chatting on ICQ about how theMARKETplace needs to be a bit more user friendly when I looked in and saw the closed projects.  We get to work theMARKETplace for free but JASON (the provider who filled the project) ain't one if us guys.  Appears that Donna has a few elbows to twist and turn 'cause the Board hasn't seen the money for the project - bugs, bugs, bugs.  I mentioned to ShelbyM that it took eLance 4 years to catch on, looks like with bugs and all, we might have a faster launch.  Then ShelbyM changed subjects saying that some of you think I'm spoon-feeding drawing to the board.  Gosh, guys, I try for 7 new drawing 7 days a week.  OK, maybe I miss a day or two here and there, but - as I told ShelbyM -I add at least 30 per week times the number of formats and that's 150 new drawing per week - at least!  I know we have that old complaint about searching for an item and getting all kinds of stuff tossed in to make it a search in deed.  I really can't get around that, folks.  If you want me to hire a heavy-duty programmer to change that, I will, but you're looking at a bill over $10,000.  Do you want to foot that kind of thing...now?  My guess is you'll say no. Hey, if  theMARKETplace and 4InfoLeadingTo.com are sucessful, who knows, we might be able to swing it one day.  May 27, 2002   A happy and profitable Memorial Day to us all.  May those who allow us to enjoy the beaches and BBQ be forever remembered.

May 21, 2002  

 I think I was shooting for May 1st, oh well,  today is the grand opening of  theMARKETplace. Congrats to Donna at Webargain: Websites and Graphic Design, ShelbyM, and Clive at Clive.net.  I suspect bugs here and there.  Mostly because I always suspect bugs here and there.  But what I've played with works fine.  Please go and toy with it, bang on it and send along your comments. Click here for a visit. AND PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT theMARKETplace is open to the public and you know that means all kinds of very nice, sweet, and innocent, and God-loving folks will be dealing with you. And you know how they do you!

If you are a member and NOT getting access Please click here and send to Joe your credit card expiration date.  Not the credit card.  I need your user id and expiration date ONLY.

  May 17, 2002   I need more than that, evidentlyThis new processor is going to save you money and drive me crazy!! Also due to the mistakes in logging on that I am making with their "virtual terminal"  this month - and maybe for some of you, next month also - you're going to be billed at unusal times.  Example: user ABC was due on the first of May, but I held off billing ABC because it's cheaper for us to wait until the "virtual terminal" was in place.  So ABC was billed on the 17th.  Now, on June 1st, ABC will be billed as usual.  (I could just change everyone to the 17th, but for some ungodly reason I didn't - go figure.)  

May 8, 2002 Got to get back to the Flowers.  Happy Mom's Day to all you Mom's out there.  I'm leaving FLA for New York later today.  Won't be back until later next week.  I realize this is a terrible time to leave all of you hanging, but this is my livelihood.   TheMARKETplace has lots of holes (lots and lots of bugs too) but is worth playing with while I'm away. ListServer runs by itself but I will not be able to email anyone or even surf the Net while in NY - I closed down the connections at Ye Olde for $$ reasons.  If you really, truly need a hand, contact ShelbyM.  We all know what a wonderful helping hand he is - truth be told, I don't think this Board could exisit without him.

May 4, 2002 Got lots of issues, but TheMARKETplace is in place.  I hope it is fully running within a few days. For awhile you will NOT be able to register - probably as long as a week..  There's no charge UNTIL you go to bid on a project. But then I will switch that off for our members.  So you may bid and get jobs and make a ton of money for free. If that should put a toll on us, I will just not lower the user fees next year - but I suspect this new tool is going to bring user fees down, not up.  Please start telling all your friends about TheMARKETplace because it's not just for artists, or the stone trades, it's for everyone.  If you want to bid out your projects, this is the way to go. And, of course, as this expands, hopefully they'll be a lot of work for those looking for it.  KEEP IN MIND that TheMARKETplace  is a commercial endeavor.  If you are just looking for someone to convert a drawing format, or trade a marker or take something off your hands, use the   for that.

April 29, 2002 The ListServer ready to accept email members.  It'll take you awhile to grasp the value of this tool, but to give you a couple of good examples:  Suppose you have a design in MCD format and need it in DXF format.  Once there's a fair amount of us on the ListServer, you can send one email asking all of us if any of us can do it for you. Yes, you can also post it as a project at  TheMARKETplace  but that's a pay-for service and should be your last resort. You can also ask the ListServer questions stone related since I would assume most of us are stone designers. And you can always subscribe and unsubscribe at will.  The more people who join it, the more valuable and fun it becomes. And anyone - including the public can subscribe.

April 28, 2002 Lot's of news.  I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm a complete dummy when it comes to Microsoft products. I was weaned on UNIX, Oracle, WorldGroup, and all those good ole early-days-of-the-Internet names before big wheels like Bill Gates discovered us.  Anyway, I finally found the switches to fix those perplexing email, logon, and security problems. Good ridden to 'em!   TheMARKETplace is nearly complete. You can click on that link to discover more about it, but it's still under construction so expect nothing but a look-see. That link is only it's temporary home, it will move to within our Board when finished and ready to go (with whatever bugs we'll have then.) I have decided not to charge members the monthly $25 "Provider" fee. Buyers have no fees, so that's a mute point.  The whole idea of this venture is to get more folks involved so our user fees drop. No sense in asking us - the membership - for more $$. It's already our burden!  Now that the email thingie is fixed, I'll be returning the ListServer - look forward to that, it'll save you tons of trouble and even $$. BUT IT'S NOT ACTIVE YET!  And finally, (what a Sunday I've had, huh?) 4infoLeadingTo.com is just as complete as TheMARKETplace click on the link to browse that site. Again, members here pay only to post ads there, no yearly fees for us. 

April 25, 2002 Please read entries to date - there's a lot happening.
   Now I have to reveal a secret because I have to bring a ruler across the back of some wrists, shame on some of you!  Don't send me copyrighted material to post.  Don't you remember MonoType?  And here's part of the secret (as little as I can reveal:) Those who have been and will contribute to the Board will soon be paid for their designs.  Not just once but every time they are used.  Which also means that if the designs are not yours, you will be sued in a big way - so behave. I can't reveal more or how or when or the compensation. My staff is angry that I said this much. (I am not known around here as 'Joey Broadcast' for no reason.)

April 21, 2002 If you want to have a lot more control over your expenditures at the Board, click on the above icon, setup an account and alert me to what you did.  I will then stop charging your card monthly, because PayPal will handle that, and you will have access to all kinds of features.  This will come in handy once theMARKETplace opens and the other fancy areas open up here - not to mention that PayPal is the "bank" of choice on the Net.  You need not use PayPal.  Is your choice.   I am working with PayPal to create a Trial Account.  This will probably draw many new first timers, nice, but I think many of the steady users might like it also.  Our Trial Account will be used (for existing members)  for those who wish some times that they could turn off their membership for a month or two - because they didn't really need it for a spell. This way you can "sign off" for a awhile and reactive when you really need the service.  If that will be a financial boom (on either side of the equation) I don't know, we never tried it before.

Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!

April 18, 2002
You might want to click on that icon above and setup an account, but read my gibberish first, please.  Some of you might be here for the first time in a long time, so why not read down the page a bit to get the gist of what I'm telling you here.  First off, I have held a Paypal account of my own for over 2 years - I can vouch for the service.  Secondly, all my services and websites will start using Paypal to accept all kinds of payments.  It is especially good here at MyDrawingBoard because the present credit card processor charges us 8.75% whereas Paypal only charges 2.29% and 30 cents per transaction.  This lowers our access fees for the coming year.  Thirdly, it is a supplemental service, which means that if you don't want to go through them, I won't strip your rights around here at all.  And rights are what I mean to speak of today. Gosh, these What's New postings are getting lengthy!  Because we're going to be opening theMARKETplace soon we're going to require different levels of membership.  Everyone who's a member right now will get "Designer" rights.  There will be other levels like PROVIDER and BUYER.   Designers  will be able to do everything - all you're doing now: like downloading designs & programs & fonts, full access to the libraries, Upload Warrior and Data Base entry. At  theMARKETplace  you are also permitted to act as a PROVIDER.  BUYERS need no rights, anyone can post a project for bidding.  PROVIDERS make bids to BUYERS.  There is a fee to be a PROVIDER and the Board will extract a % of the transaction. You will get hit with a transaction fee (I think, not sure yet) but will pay nothing to "be a PROVIDER"  because a DESIGNER holds the PROVIDER rights also. Then under the DESIGNER rights will come other levels of rights as Shelby and others snap-on their new areas.  These will be needed because some DESIGNERS will get paid to be members, and then paid some months and not others.  Sound confusing?  Try sitting in my chair (while my 2 year old grandson yanks at me to see his latest drawing creation on his computer - I do recommend Jump*Start, Toddlers Deluxe to all you parents out there.) April 16, 2002 You ain't seen nuthin yet. And, truthfully, you haven't, save the nifty, new search page.  I have been hinting at improvements over here for months and they're about to happen. I will likely stay each horse at the gate, letting one out at a time. Yet I will begin introducing you to these new features. Some, like what ShelbyM has in the works will remain hush-hush until they are perfected.  Right now I need everyone to update their credit card info with me.  Because I am "rolling-up" all these features under one roof, I will be processing credit cards through PayPal and other web-portal merchant accounts.  If I don't have the correct expiration date, your card can be declined.  So email me NOT the credit card number but the expiration date. And please include your user id.  Charging credit cards through Novus (our CC merchant) is costing nearly 9%.  And when some snook cancels an account by denying a charge, it costs all of us $35 and the denied charge(s)! You end up covering that fee at the end of the year when I re-calculate member fees.  I will be slowly changing over to PayPal and another CC Merchant.  You will be able to join us on a trial basis, pay monthly, skip, and other cool thingies. And member fees - already set to drop next year - will fall flat (imagine getting to near zero!)  Our most exciting feature that I can reveal is theMARKETplace  Tell all your vendors to look into joining MyDrawingBoard's  theMARKETplace because next time you want to buy a full detail drawing, stencil cut, stone, glass, abrasive, etc and so forth right down to simple format conversions and brochures, you will likely bid for the service or product right here.  Details, fees, etc. will be explained when the site goes live by May 1st, I hope. (because I will have different levels of fees for this service.) It is 99% likely that you - the membership - will not be charged for this service. The site is in place but not ready for prime-time. I will post a link once it's running, even if it's not ready to accept buyers and sellers.

April 9, 2002       
 Wasn't that horrible?  Yes, it was.  I understand I must sound like a jerk when I say that all this misery will be worth the pain, yet it's true.  When ShelbyM is finished crashing our systems what will be left behind will wow you.  Shelby even has a plan to make you some bucks - and it sounds reasonable and actual to me, so far. All the same, I am going to defer $10 of your access fees this next billing cycle for the tedium caused over the last 6 days. The 4 who couldn't even log on will get a $15 reduction.  Naturally, you will have to replace this reduction next year, but I am still 90% sure next year's fees will be a boom for us all - so don't fret.

April 6, 2002       
We're running into too many troubles over here.  And for a website that has been awarded every prize offered, this is just too embarrassing.  Please bear with me during this wacky time.  Shelby, Don and I are pulling our hair out.  Shel has a trick or two left up his sleeve but if they don't work I will replacing the present server with a back-up one.  So it's just a matter of days.  I understand that most of you are not having any problems at all.  Go figure.  But because of those who are fees will be lessened or dropped this billing cycle and new members will be placed on a wait list until this gets straightened out.  And it will.

 April 5, 2002       
We have a nasty problem.  It's not affecting all of us and that's why it's nasty.  Apparently some of us can not access pages and designs.  Some get an access error others a user error.  We have a temporary fix for it but I need to know your user-id.  So if you're having problems please alert me to it - or Shelby - and we'll get you up and going again.  I have decided to cut your next access fee because of all these problems. So you'll get a break on your fees next billing cycle in my attempt to soothe all these problems.  And they are temporary, no doubt about that.  

March 19, 2002       
HAVE TO GET BACK TO MAKING FLOWERS!  It's a holiday again and Gina & Keli would never forgive me if I don't give them a hand at Ye Olde Friendly Flowers (although I probably will hangout in the Food Court most of the time - giggle.  But I don't read email or have access to computers while there unless it's an emergency.  So it's holiday black-out time again, folks until April 9th.  You can reach me at the Hot Dog stand - opps, I mean at the flower shop at 888-756-0710. 

March 18, 2002       
Here's something I've never done before and feel shy about doing, but it will save me lots of trouble.  I have to drive up to my little flower shop for Palm Sunday and Easter and usually take the credit card machine with me to key in your charge on the due date. But it would really help if I didn't have to travel with the damn thing and just wait till I'm back or do it now.  I'd wait but then some of you accuse me of charging you twice in a month (I won't be back here till April) and I have to pay a $30 charge back fee and lose the month you think I billed you, but didn't. So I'm going to hit all members due from now till March 31th today.  April1st till the 8th I'll get on the 8th.  You will likely never know unless I told you, but I wouldn't sleep if I didn't tell you.

March 17, 2002       
Have you ever needed to thank Moses for the drawings he's posted?  How many of his drawings have you used? He's archived close to 105,000 here for you and me. Never paid for one, have we, have you?  I'll bet you dollars to donuts that if you could draw as good as Moe, you'd refuse to give away your work.  Has his art ever helped you with a sale?  Well, to cut to the chase, my dear members, Moe's in deep trouble.  His wife has hit a bad patch health-wise and he had to give up his art biz.  There's more, but I won't bother you with.  Moe needs your help and he's not asking for a handout.  He's got stuff for sale.  Please buy what you can, click here.

March 2, 2002 ...little more news       
The 4Info message was removed.  See, some times, nothing works out right.  Giggle. Or in this case, a dark chuckle.  For more on that, check the website as it develops.  I removed the message because it is too early to bother taking members over there.  I assumed the programmers would be ready by now, but they are too ready.  They want me to handle a site that is handled by (expensive) Java servers, ODBC servers etc and so forth. That's not the kind of site 4 Info should be.  Things will move slower now - that I'm taking it over - but you still might get a kick out of watching. 4infoleadingto.com

March 2, 2002       
Gosh, that was terrible!  That's twice that we switched providers since leaving ADSTONE and twice that Network Solutions made the road bumpy.  Let's hope the price stays put at KUA and we call this home.  Hope you enjoy the new Search and look forward to more great add-ons.

February 20, 2002     
OK, now we get really serious, folks.  Starting right now and for a duration of about 2 weeks anything could go wrong.  James and Day Start Technologies (an unlikely team indeed) have built us a one-of-a-kind server that's as big as an elephant and is as heavy as one too!  The people over at Kissimmee Utility Authority have red carpets extending from my house right up to and into their computer room and I'm fumbling like an apprentice magician fighting a dragon for his first time. All I'm actually doing is trying to download files from all over the US to have this elephant ready for the KUA and for you.  Likely all will go smoothly, but I am obligated to forewarn you.    * I have all kinds of other exciting news to tell also, but some things are still in the mix, others are best kept uncover till they happen. A couple of these new projects might give ya'll a real hoot-n-a-holler.  Tasty stuff and what I really enjoy about them is that they are not of my doing, these are projects created and developed by our fellow members!   *  The lawsuit with MonType has been settled.  It's going to cost of about $4,000 all total.  Not bad, huh? And I'm glad to have that misery behind us.  With that figure and the costs to set up this elephant and the debt we owe to date, I figure (as I figured before) user fees should drop to under $35 by year's end.  And if we gain more members (part of the new news) that figure will drop accordingly.  

January 28, 2002     
By the time you read this (like I really know when you're reading this - right!) I will have posted a bunch of Chinese symbols for Love, Luck, Loyalty, Peace, and Harmony thanks to a WISH from RockEngraver@aol.com. Reason that I mention it is to point out a fact I've learned about Chinese.  You'll notice that I've posted 2 (actually 4) symbols for peace and for Loyalty.  Make sure you run these by your customers because they are both valid but neither are valid in different situations.  And I posted 2 symbols for Luck - kinda like the horseshoe thingie, when it's upside down it means luck has arrived.  Check them out and you'll see what I'm typing about.  You'll find them at www.mydrawingboard.com/html/ht14/free16.htm  ALSO: You will begin to notice that I am blocking the display designs with a gray copyrite notice. Turns out I have discovered - from a tip - that someone was copying our display drawings and selling them in clipart packages at eBay.  Hopefully we will get rich (not likely) after sueing the culprit and our monthly fees will be zero for years to come! The scribble makes it very tough for people to fix the files.  Naturally, the vector files are unmarred and in perfect shape. I also hope that the tipster gets every penny of the $200,000 he deserves for finding the 20 stolen peices of clipart.

January 22, 2002     
Ya know, not fur nuting, but I don't mind working this archive for all you guys at no compensation.  I don't mind being personally sued by everyone and anyone who thinks there's two cents to be had over here.  I don't mind spending hours better spent with my homeless grandson each week converting files so you guys can gather great art and even make a few bucks off them.  But when you deny a charge from me I go a bit ballistic.  I hate paper work, I hate trying to calculate how much to charge the remaining members, I hate trying to figure out who the hell denied the charge!!!  PLEASE, if you want to cancel your account, don't deny a charge.  I will run you a refund.  Denied charges cost half the monthly fee and a lot of my time.   

January 12, 2002     
I highly recommend that you visit the Visual CADD Group if only to see that they got themselves a really keen webmaster. If you haven't been there before, it's really worth the visit.
     I had to postpone the co-lo at Kissimmee due to nothing more than a bad cold and that I have to (prefer to) pick the server up myself in NY and drive it to Kissy. It's such a dream machine I just can't trust FedEx.
     Your fees will show a dramatic difference by year's end. Might even be sooner if we gather new members from a mailout program I will commence next month.
     On a personal note: I will be posting a Lady of Guadeloupe this week.  I drew it for my dad, but he's looking for a smaller, yet cut-able, size one. Anyone got a 10" by 10" BUST of the lady for me?

Sincerely Yours,
Joe Auricchio

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