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December 3, 2004
Due to the risk of - well, several mishaps - I am shutting down the adstone server until January 8, 2005 or soon after.  If you run into trouble, alert me as I am running a private server elsewhere which has not been made known to you; because it is way too slow to be of practical use.  You can either email me or call me at toll free 888-756-0710

November 28, 2004
Hope Thanksgiving was good and tasty.
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted today:

My Work:............. davero, redraw lost file rosh, and rosh2, and sabbath
Bill Peisher:............angelb, bboss1, bboss2, bboss3, bboss4, bboss5, bboss6,
                                bboss7, bboss8, bboss9, bboss9a, bboss9b, bboss9c,
                                bboss9d,, bboss9e, burr1, burr2, burr3, burr4, burr5, burr6,
                               bboss7, dodge3,

October 28, 2004
After 5 weeks of flowers, networking, flowers, building a new showroom, flowers, hard drive changes, flowers, police, flowers, working the flower shop from 6 am till 6 then to webmastering till ??, flowers and more flowers  I'm tossing in the towel.  Time to go home to Cathy. She's been a dream to wait so long.  Anyway,  I'll be back in Kissimmee but only for a few days, then back.  So I force posted the following and be back at it around mid-Novemeber.  Enough is enough.

Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted today:
My Work:..............  added to FAQ, agony, agony3, agony4,
Sherri Henly............ smack

October 22, 2004
Catching up with 10/16/04
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted today:
My Work:.............. added emblems.ai, dave2, dave3,
Bill Peisher:............ braids1, braids, braids2, braids3, braids4, braids5, braids6,
                                 braids7,, braids8, braids9, braids9a

October 16, 2004
    I'm adding Ai format to the Board.  Starting with today's postings. 
    Been converting and posting designs for  15?  No, 24 years and give me a 2 month break and I get all confused...giggle.  I'm posting the following but have lots more.  I tripped all over myself during the routine of converting according to alphabetical order - not by contributor, and that got me all out of whack (such as adding designs by Moe in the following but with a design name like BBB; already converted the "B's") So here's a bunch and I'll get others later on in the week. ----Oh, by the way, DirectWay sucks.  I find myself using dialup instead. So I'm not sure if we'll have a private server installed here.
     Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted today:
My Work:.............. cala7
Bill Peisher:............ billboat, cbilld1, cbilld2, cbilld3, cbilld4, dbilla, dbilla2,
                                 dovesc, ourang, ourangel, pchild, rosetteb, rosettec

October 6, 2004
DirectWay™ says they'll be here Tuesday, October 12.  OK,  hope you've all had fun watching me get blown around by hurricanes, return to knicking my fingers on rose thorns and sleeping on top of fern boxes, but next Tuesday we get serious again.  Expect Bill to flood you with new designs - and me too. We also scored a high honor by having a hand in the Twin Towers Memorial. (See Stencil forum at the message board.) So once I go live from West Babylon, we'll have (another) new private server and I'll be back with a vengence.

Sept. 20, 2004
Gosh, sorry for so many mishaps recently - just in case you're not following events at the message board - I'm so busy with the flower shop and trying to get Net access so I can get all these new designs up for you. Then flying back to Fla to get all these hurricane repairs done so Cathy and Pj don't have to sleep and slush around in water all the time. And I HATE not being able to draw! Still I was able to rewrite the wish list page and because of the embarrassing foul-up with that referral to Elkston (so, sorry, Peter, was all my fault!)  I also redid the entire referral area....while putting shingles back on the guest room roof.  I'm back in NY on the 27th and should have Net access soon after.  Hope it's cheap - Cablevision, but might be satilite if not cable.

August 9, 2004
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted this week:

My Work:..............  Still on data base. Set up new Message Board.
                                 sample12, sample13, sample2, sample8,

Bill Peisher:............  atide, atide2, daquit, drebel, drebel2, sugarl,amrev1a,
                                  amrev2, amrev3, amrev4, amrev5, amrev6, catfishb,
                                  planeone, siccors,

July 17, 2004
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted this week:
My Work:..............  Moved 67 to full designs,  joe782,  joe783, joe784
                                  joe785, joe786, joe787, joe788 joe789

Bill Peisher:............ beer, boat, bmade1, bemade2, bemade3, bemade4
                                 bemade5, bemade6,  bemade7

July 12, 2004
I was going to poke fun, saying: 'The industry's most prolific designer is a truck driver.' Then, I realized, that's the common variable in the trade. I spent all my career (as a stone cutter/designer) hauling around a 750 cfm compressor, or a flat bed of stone - most of us do, right? So let me rephrase my antidote. 'The industry's most prolific designer is a bus driver.'  Click the image to see larger.

And - being who I am - I just had to complain about the awful layout of my name on the diploma.

July 7, 2004
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted this week:
My Work:..............  Modified visitor's home page to reflect new data base,
                                 Still working on new data base - 2,000 listings done so far.
                                 total listings are 8,121, but many are out of biz,
                                 Posted and still adjusting new message boards.  joe1,
                                joe2, joe3, joe4, joe5, joe6, joe7, joe8, joe9,

July 7, 2004
RELAX!  My goodness.  The doors don't shut that easily around here.
Life has clocked me a hard left to the head. I've been clocked before and knocked down a few times also. Let's not jump to conclusions, folks. Here's the scoop, as briefly as possible:
I personally fell into debt - roughly $50,000 from out of the blue. Unfortunately that comes on the heals of spending 4 years of time, effort, and all my savings to secure my (now 4 year old) grandson from the clutches of the State of Florida. So I'm broke - again. This time in debt.
Not one to whine (tho whine loudly) for more than a week over twisted fate, I have embarked on landing a job that will get me on my feet as fast as possible. I'm getting my CDL to drive truck. There's tons of jobs down here in FLA ... if you're under 55 years old, graduated from High School, speak Spanish, and never got on the bad side of the Law.  Me? None of the above .... FLA is a port state. More ports here than anywhere, and the Want Ads are endless with truck driver jobs. I can do that.
I will entertain offers to buy my interests in the Board.  That move would be purely for selfish reasons. However, I am not spreading this news. This Board is self sufficient. I - not one of us wants to see it altered. I causally offered the Board to the one person who would "keep the faith," ShelbyM,  but,  apparently,  he feels I can handle it on nights and weekends.  I agree, but the Board might be trimmed down to make it simpler to manage.
I was just inches from starting a new post card campaign to get new members  -  seems that of the 2,000 updated listings in the data base more than 600 of them were never on our radar scope. I'd expect some new members when I do send.  But then this happened. Perhaps I will put that off until the dust settles. Most of you know how things go 'round here. No sense confusing new-bees.
                    In Other News
Denis is installing a new Message Board. We should lose the old one today or soon.  If the server is down - use the Private Server!!!

June 15, 2004
Finally got around to updating user fees - it's such a tedious task to do. Then, wouldn't ya figure, we lose 7 members in one week. Damn it! That's too big a number to sustain.  I will wait and see if it's just a temporary thing or bad credit card info, but if nothing changes, I'm going to have to raise the fees again. Be aware of that and if you can't afford  (let me do some quick math...) $49.50 please let me know and when I do raise it I will remove your account. This is the smallest number of members we've ever held - 27.  I hope it shows that there's no longer a need for our kind of service and that CADD artists find the time and creativity to fly alone. If ever we shut this down, I want to hold that kind of satisfaction as I move on in life.
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats and posted this week:
My Work:..............  fixed broken links at: ht11/free6.htm, ht3/free8.htm,        
                                 finally got around to updating user fees from $44 to $45
                                 and $500 to $512.  All other fees remain same - because
                                 (except for Jody) we have no members in other rates.   
                                 rv,  mpa, mpb, msh, msh1, msh2, msh3, msh4, msh5, msh6  

Bill Peisher:............ 2angel, 2angels, 2angels2, 2angels3, 2angels4, 2ducks,
                                  phbill, ssport, billflow, billbook, billtop, bux, bux1                                   bux2, bux3, bux4, bux5, bux6, bux7, bux8

June 6, 2004
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted this week:
My Work:..............Manually updating data base, A's and part of B's done.
                               7,811 left to go.  hand, mlyons, mnappi, mnewhart,
                                mooney, pegasus5,       

Bill Peisher:............ burx1, burx2, burx3, burx4, burx5, burx6, burx7,
                                 burx8, burx9, burx9a, burx9b, burx9c, burx9d
                                 burx9e, burx9f  

 June 4, 2004

Central Florida has entered its rainy season when the cool breezes off the Atlantic and off the Gulf of Mexico rush onto and into the hot air over our state. Electrical storms are usual.  It will be common practice for me to shut down the private server daily between 3 pm and 9pm from June till October.

May 25, 2004
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats and posted this week:
My Work:..............Changed 414 to 920 area code in data base.
                               Moved fail, blackwel, booskos, bryant, glover, 
                               mcmillin, bjesus, bjesus2, bjesus3, bjesus4
                               bjesus5, bjesus6, bjesus7, jesus1, chout, mary01,  
                               sltx8, art8 kids, holy4, shep1, shep2, rel4, sh4
                               shic2, yanko, stjoe3,  Updated all Search engines,
                               removed duplicates: roses11,
                               roses12, roses13, roses14, roses15, roses16, 
                               New designs: mkar, mkar2, mkar3, mkar4,
                               mkar6mli, mlmerk, kar5 

May 20, 2004
Gosh! we're just expanding in all kinds of directions lately. Arn't we? Showrooms, Stencil / design, artistDATE, interactive data bases, CADD for sales people. You ask, I get. Now it's my turn to contribute. It's new but an old service I'm calling front and center: the Memorial Referral Service. I know, we get them all the time so what's new? With this new data base (as screwy as it is at this stage) and the Net traffic we are experiencing, as well as a suspicion that folks might NOT ask when they ought to, I'm posting a referral link on our homepage - not inside where us designers live. Just so you know how it works, check it out especially if you have never gotten a referral from me before (there are about 10 of you who haven't as yet.)

May 19, 2004
The data base is done.  Albeit, the data is old and a lot of duplicates. Anyone who added a listings after 1995, had better get over there and add it anew. Data Bases

May 18, 2004
    I realize you can't tell it but I really earned my pay this week. Spent over 50 hours on hard code.  Easiest thing I did was to re-do the main and private servers  - and that ain't easy.  Very little to show (unless you can read PERL code) but you'll see it as I bring up the new data bases and new message boards over the next week or so. PLEASE NOTE: as always whenever new software is installed you rely on my poor spelling. If your user-id doesn't work, alert me.
    Folks like ShelbyM (and myself) were politely relieved when "I" decided to forget about ArtistDATE.  But folks like Mark, John, Valerie and others really gave me a rough time.  So, in a nutshell, I will design the site, code it, and develop myself.  Hey, ya wish is my crucifix. Still, you ought notice that this is the very first design posting  in 15 years which I drew nothing.
   Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats and posted this week:
My Work:.............. Built new data base here (Not puiblic yet) and for artistdate
                                unistalled / installed new server here and at private server, redid
                                 all CGI programs for both sites,     

Derick Earp:.......... 10de, 12de, 13de, 15de, 16de, 17de, 17fde,
                                 18de, 18fde, 19de, 19fde, 19f1de, 19f2de,

May 14, 2004
* The new server (visit the private server for review) is a knock out. I believe we are ready to upgrade the main servers also. So, make a note:  Monday, May 17th, around 2 pm  I will bring down MyDrawingBoard.com, likely for the remainder of the day. Use ADSTONE if you require files.
* I have finished the new data base - all except the listings themselves; which are in process for another week or so. You can review it, click here. Bang on it, toy with it, try to break it. Let's make sure it's working right before moving it to the public servers. If you add your listing while toying, that's OK, but you will have to do it again when I move the data because I will be re-writing the new data.
* Fees will be going up by 2 dollars. That hack-attack ruined us, folks. And we lost many members ... down to 35, as opposed to 47 last year.  I am too busy to take the 4 to 5 hours necessary to adjust the fees over at the Credit Card company, but when I do - the next billing period will reflect the adjustment.

May 11, 2004
Just back from Mom's Day.  Lots going on including fee changes in from Carollynn (accountant dept) and MOST IMPORTANT: today I am installing the brandie new server at ADSTONE.  So those who visit that private server, please expect all kinds of issues.  Along with the install comes all kinds of work - search engines, data bases, back ground programming - so sit tight and I'll report back in a few days about news and details.

May 4, 2004
Happy Mom's Day........
Work performed and files drawn and/or contributed, converted to formats
and posted this week:
My Work:..............  moved art7 and art8, moved art10 and art4,
                                 moved dc101, moved art1, removed duplicate
                                 art3, moved art2, purchased updated list of
                                 monument retailers to add to new data base still
                                 under construction ($99 less $50 rebate),
                                 Purchased new Website system - at eBay
                                 for $20..YES !!! ... $1,200 value.
Bill Peisher:............ shep, shep2, shepherd, sheppd7, sleepy1,
                                 sleepy2, sleepy3, sleepy4, sleepy5, sleepy6,  

April 27, 2004
Have my head in writing a new database for quicker public access to monument retailers. Was waiting on Shelby, but he dropped the idea, so I'm relearning PERL as I go. This new database will allow you to modify your listing.  Lots of reasons to allow that, but I'm sure it's better than waiting around for Mr or Mrs. John Doe to alert me to changes in YOUR phone.
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:..............   mcherib, mivy, monk, moro, mpickett, mpx,
Bill Peisher:............  hunterb, hunterb2, huskeyb, pawbill, pointer, shark, shark2,
                                  sheepd1, sheepd2, sheepd3, sheepd4, sheepd5, sheepd6
Derick Earp:.......... de3, de4, de5, de6, de7, de8, de9

April 21, 2004
I'm sure you've noticed that I've been busy. Check out the saints I drew and the re-designed search engines (returned to the old PERL scripts.)
Converted and posted this week
My Work:.............. sttekak2, sttekakw, sttheres, wood, dismantled artistDATE
                               my1, my2, Re-wrote the search engines,  Conference with
                               sourcesmart, fixed all kinds of bad links found after
                                installing new server.

Bill Peisher:............ 2ducks, barbie, beagleh, beagleh2, beagleh3,
                                 birds1, birds2, cat1, cat2, cat3, crab1, crab2,
                                 crab3, crab4, dogcat, dogcat2, dollbookrose,   

Moses....................  moses1, moses2,   

April 4, 2004,
Happy holidays ya'll
Up to my ears in flowers and deliveries, so taking time from the Board till after Easter.
Thanks to Lizbeth and VersaCad, we have discovered a major problem with Arbor Image's Cuting Shop which means, to us, that all 2D conversions over the last year are no good.  Versa Cad folks have to download DXF and import it into VersaCad. As of now I will no longer post 2D or HPLG (plot) conversions. At least until I figure something out.
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:.............. mabc, mabb, mabb1, maba, mabb, mabd, mabe, mabf, mabg
                                mabh, mabi, mabj, mabk, mabl, mabm
Derick Earp:.......... dr22, dr23, dr24, dr25, dr26, dr27, dr28
Moses.................... flwr440, flwr441, flwr441aflwr144, flwr144as

March 22, 2004
Didn't go 'exactly' as planned, but wasn't bad either, huh?  Hey, the private server saved the day - hooray!
Couple of features still coming online. Watch my spelling, folks, if you can't log on - might be I misspelled your user-id, alert me to it.  90% of the drawings are all uploaded to the server.  Will be 100% by Tuesday afternoon. Hey, we got over 13 gigs of posted drawings. That's posted - got another 13 gigs in archive.  Takes awhile to upload.

March 15, 2004
Really didn't want to make this post as I'm up to my ears in switching the servers. BUT a problem arose this morning which will occur again when the servers are switched, so be warned: If designs don't download, or your user-id won't work, NOTIFY me to fix the files or to fix my misspelling errors - you know what a poor speller I am. 
And while I'm at it:
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:.............. 7sorrows, thorns,
Bill Peisher:............ set1a, set1b, set1c, set1d, set1e, dogs, oldcar
Derick Earp:..........d1, d10, d12, d13, d15, d17, d18, d21

March 12, 2004
I have new drawings, not many, but a few.  I am involved with switching the main server with the private one - you'll see changes at the private one if you visit there right now. It's taking a lot of time because I have to reconfigure the private server to match this one you're on now.  I wasn't going to do that because the other private server was a duplicate, until it ended under 6 feet of water.  Long (stupid) story. So, to be brief, I'll have the machines switched and will post these drawings. Hang in there.

Feb. 24, 2004
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:..............  mark27, mark28, mark29, mark30, mark31
                                 mark32, mark33, Updated Data Bases as per
                                 postcards found undeliverable for 2004.
                                 Posted a mock-up for artistDATE and
                                 requested bids for development from
                                 Denis and 2 other software firms. Carol and I
                                 closed out the books for 2003.
Moses..................... magik10, magik2, magik3, magik4,
                                 magik5, magik6      
Derick Earp:..........der11, der12, der13, der14, der15, der16,
                                der17, der18, der 20, der21, der22, der23,
                                der24, der25,

Feb. 17, 2004
No news is good news - still, considering the efforts involved with Marc's project, I ought say, "Happy Val's Day." (Tongue in cheek, of course.) Denis, (our Russian programmer of My Own Drawing Board™ fame and other gadgets we have) is getting a real giggle out of the project - a nice diversion from the Siberian cold.  Sajid - our Indian "page designer" is asking if musicians are also considered artists 'round here. Good question. Please weigh in on the question at  Message Boards
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:.............. mark20, mark21, mark22, mark23, mark24, mark25
                                  mark26,  pipeo to PLT      
Bill Peisher:............ schoolA, schoolB, schoolC, schoolD, schoolE,
                                 smoke, scoutw1, tang,
Derick...................... der1, der24, der3, der4, der5, der6, der7
                                  der8, der9

February 5, 2004
Thanks for all the warm 'get-wells.' Any day above ground is a good one though some outshine others to be sure. I've posted the long-winded tale-of-horror on the General Message Board for those interested. I'm 75% now, so let's move on.
Since and because that poll we took encouraged me to move the board overseas if the government taxed us,  I have been researching our possibilities. Which has caused a bit of gossip in my little world since Cathy and I are state delegates for a political party I will not mention - you know how touchy Republicans can be (snicker). So far I have discovered that if we move to Mexico or Costa Rica, expenses will drop like a brick, but not on the technology side. Internet is expensive off shore - as it stands today.  If any of you read AARP the magazine, as we old-folks do, take special notice of the article concerning the massive immigration of us baby boomers to Mexico.... the border guards can't keep us out. Mexicans are talking about putting up a wall! (Gee, doesn't that sound familiar?) More about this after Cathy and I spend more time in both Mexico and Costa Rico later this year.
Anyone one interested in starting a movement to form a MyDrawingBoard Junket to either destination?  Best place to discuss it is at the General Message Board.
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:................. boat, drywall, linda,   
Derick Earp:.......... tri1,
Bill Peisher:............angels1, angels2, angels3, beew2, busw1, fly1, oilw4,
                                grassw2, grassw2a, grassw2b, grassw2c, grassw2d
                                grassw2e, grassw2f, grassw2g, grassw2h,, phw1
                                phw2, phw3, phw4, phw5, phw6, phw7, phw8,

January 22, 2004
I have been using Spy-Hunter for awhile now and have to recommend it to every body. Bill has discovered a program just like it, but free.  Click here.
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:................. mark11, mark12, mark13, mark14, mark15, mark16
                                   mark17, mark18 
Moses.....................  goblet, goblet1, goblet2, hb1, mark19

January 15, 2004
Sorry not to mention it here sooner, was posted at the Message Board, rates have dropped. See the  General Message Board
My Work:...............  modon2, mark1, mark2, mark3, mark4, mark5,
                                  mark6, mark7, mark8, mark9, mark10

January 8, 2004
My Work:...............  hearse3, bnr, bnr2, bnr3, , bnr4, bnr5, bnr6,                                 
                                  bnr7, bnr8,
Bill Peisher:............ maryjane,

January 1, 2004... a new or, at best, nuther start.
Back at the old computer. I'm buried in all kinds of work and projects (really dismal) but I'm opening up the doors for new members and also commencing the GRAND OPENING of the DESIGN and STENCIL Service. For those of you who want to follow the ins-and-outs of that project, link to the STENCIL message board via the Message Boards link from the main menus.


Sincerely Yours,
Joe Auricchio

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