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Nov. 27, 2007
Chatting with my dentist in NY about the numerous golf courses a stone's throw from me in SC. He asked if I played. I replied that I get hit in the head sometimes while on my tractor by a stray golf ball. I also mentioned that we rent trailers / apartments/ homes to golfers who attend the Masters and the Hooter tournaments. Then it occurred to me, because I don't play I never thought any of you played either. Kind of like we're all computer geeks with our noses pressed to our CAD programs. But, contrary to my egocentric view, some of you might like a good-walk-made-bad. If so, any of you (members) are invited to stay a no charge during off peak times - April is the peak. As long as the trailer or apartments or homes are not already booked. A token for the water and electric is appreciated but not necessary, you can grub; fine with me.  And, sorry I didn't think of it sooner. Which makes me wonder about you hunters and fishermen.  Hmmmm, I spend too much time on the computer, huh? Email or txt or call me. For some details about the rentals and the area, check out Unit 3 and Unit 4 ... the Classic travel trailer ... The Masters ... the Hooters ... about McCormcik and Savannah Lakes area

Nov. 18, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. 
I'll be at the NY phone until first week of Jan, 08.

Nov. 5, 2007
I will be posting an email from Linda in the FAQ area. Gerber uses may need the
information.  Here it is:
Finally found out how to get those red lines out of imported files.  
Broke down and called Gerber.  You select the item then hold down on the 
control key and press 1  keeping the control key down you then wait a few 
seconds and press 2.  Now I would love for anyone to find that in the
Linda Barker
Bowker and Son

B i l l   Piesher:  noah5b, noahaa, para2, para3a, pelcan1a, pig3a,
                           pigs1a, pooh1a                          

David Songer:   grant, harding, harrison, hayes, jeferson, mckinley,
                           reagan, taft, taylor, teddy, wilson, bharris

Elizabeth:            jo45, jo46, jo47, jo48, jo49, jo50    

M y   W o r k:    Converted all the above, started to post new design
                            of webpages - you'll see as you go, might save you
                             time "while" searching. redraw, posted mary4,
                             Added to FAQ area as explained above.

October 13, 2007,
Your Drawing Board is in the process of moving to South Carolina. 
Because our office is now my local office, those of you who want to 
switch to paying by check, that's now a real choice. I don't recommend
it to you who sometimes forget to send a check. That will screw up your
access and there is an account activation fee for check payers. If you
want to consider this option see the menu choise at the bottom of 
the JOIN page.

B i l l   Piesher:  lint44a, mag1a, mrs1, mex1, mil22a, mil33a, moosec,
                           moosed, mooserr1, mooze1, mrkar1a, mrs6a, mtman1a

David Songer:   buren, johnson, millard, nixon, tyler

Elizabeth:            jo39, jo40, jo41, jo42, jo43, jo44

M y   W o r k:  Moved files around, ew294, ew295, sev24,ew296,ex101,
                          posted click throughs

October 6, 2007
    I am still converting and posting new designs and redesigning pages. I'm writing between posting to explain all the click through ads. People use to congratulate us for not having all these distractions on the site, nice run. But I always said that they MIGHT be a way to boost our bottom line and attract others to us, yet I would not do it unless the membership fell to a dangerously low number, like 15 members. YIKES!  I am not permitted to mention the things or to encourage anyone to click on them ... the rules of having them. So here we are on our last ditch effort to raise bucks around here. If it doesn't work, I'll remove them - let's give it a year try, what do you think, email me.

Sept. 21, 2007
You can forget about all the news from Sept. 9, 2007.  Our England host - pretty much from out of nowhere - contacted me and offered us 100 gigs at $7 per month. Then, when I said yes, she throws in another 200 gigs for the hell of it. WOW!  So, ADSTONE.net has been shut down, needless to say. And at $7 more a month I don't think it will affect our bottom line at all.

B i l l   Piesher:  hands, hndgd1a, humm3b, kart1, kli1, krt4, lennox33

David Songer: grover, harry, polk, madison, adams, carter, jfk

Ken Dyal:  rosiex , dgwdcrn, brdgrk

Elizabeth:   jo33, jo34, jo35, jo36, jo37, jo38        

M y   W o r k:  Besides redrawing almost every file posted this month and
                         recreating ADSTONE then bringing it down - nothing.

Sept. 9, 2007
Please log into ADSTONE just to make sure I typed in your user id and password correctly.
We have now filled 3 servers. England, Canada and Florida. That's a lot of designs and information, folks. You can bet I'll never convert and post all that in my life time!  Anyway, I needed to bring back ADSTONE in order to have all our data online. Expect all future posting to be placed there. We simply cannot afford to buy more space from our usual hosts - fact is I even cut back my hours ... we need more members to achieve either of those objectives.

August 15, 2007
Anyone cartoon?  If so help me out at www.cartoonsbyme.com.
B i l l   Piesher:  dolph2, drm3, elk1a, feet1, flgirl1a, fx1, gnom2,

David Songer:   ford, franklin, hbush, pierce, washing ,   

Elizabeth:             jo26, jo27, jo28, jo29, jo30, jo31, jo32,

M y   W o r k:   shadshad3, mtrbike2, forcurve, 2 heartsa

July 26, 2007
It has been years since we gained a new member - especially through contribution. And as we lose three members to retirement -  Zeina Wehbe, Greg Waldron and Derick Earp (not sure if he retired or left trade) we welcome David Songer who has sent me more than a few days worth of touch-ups, conversions and postings. His contribution are all the US Presidents.

David Songer:   lincoln, jackson, johnson, harrison, clinton,
                           coolidge, arthur, dwight 

B i l l   Piesher:  cows44a, crsq1, dais1, dalm2, dcat1. dnbug1                

Elizabeth:          jo19, jo20, jo21, jo22, jo23, jo24, jo25

M y   W o r k:    jcrocus, jjasm, jligular, jlotus, jmanvill, jpassion,
                           jwort, jyucca, fixed artros32,

June 26, 2007.........
My  W o r kredid 100,
Bill Piesher:  click1, cookie1, cookie1a, cookie1b, cookie1c,
Elizabeth:       j010, j011, j012, j013, j014, j015, j016, j017, j018

May 24, 2007
   Happy Dad's Day when it arrives.
   Seems like the holiday itself is worth the wait; talking about Mom's Day. The week was giving me visions of closing up shop. The day itself was a winner. I'd cry that my problem is Wal-Mart and all those stores selling floral pieces for $3.47 when I can't even buy them for under $5. Damn! The gas station next door sells 2 dozen roses for $9. I can't even buy them for under $18 (True, different quality.) But I FINALLY discovered who they are buying them from and things might change here after. I know most of you don't care, but some of you also own florists, you do care. Email me for the connection.
   I finally finished the Stations of the Cross. Now I know why I avoided drawing them ever since a Catholic boy looking up at the torture and misery all those images afforded me. Good riddens but a good contribution for us all.
    I've started to post Elizabeth's designs. Wow! Some are top shelf; and there's over 200 more to post.
My  W o r kstat13, stat13a, stat13ab, stat13,b, stat13wc, stat1313,
                       Revised entire FAQ system, stat14, stat14ab, stat1414,
                       stat14wc, This finishes Stations of the Cross.

Bill Piesher:  ark4a, cama5, cherr2a, chk1a, chopmov1, chvy7

Elizabeth:         a_forest4he, a_fullbunny, a_fulle1, a_fulle2, justice,
                       lizrose, rxliz

April 24, 2007
   Busy over here; lots of legal work. We ran into issues having to do with moving the Board to South Carolina. As a non-profit the fees will - later on - be collected under my name and not the organization's. Please update your email with me so I can alert you directly via email - just so no one denies charges and sticks the Board with those fees!

   A special thanks to Elizabeth for sending along 225 designs!!!!  I probably won't get to converting and posting any until after Father's Day (yes, Dad's Day, not even Mom's Day.

My  W o r kstat10, stat10ab, stat10b, stat1010, stat10wc, moved artmb12, artmb13,
                       artmb15, artmb16, stanley, goneke, artflag, added & moved files to search,
                       sta11, sta11a, sta11ab, sta11b, sta111, sta11wc, created ChatRoom
                       stat12, stat1212, stat12a, stat12ab, stat12b, stat12wc, a fair amount
                       of year-end tax and legal stuff,  adjusted Warrior and Wish List

Bill Piesher:  5leaves, billdog, billdog2, billdog3, billdog4, billdog5, billdog6, billdog7
                       billdog8, billdog9, crossbil

April 1, 2007
Have a good and prosperous holiday.

February 10, 2007
My  W o r k:     Migrated to new server and setup all features, buddah, buddah3, buddah4, buddah5, moved ccorner
Bill Piesher:      schltz5, skul2, sold2a, soy2a, sq2a, bv123, bmarker, bmarker2
KEN DYAL:      wrosemkr, wrosewng
Linda Williams:    Moved - shores2, shores,

February 7, 2007
OK, here I'll do a Steve Martin and a Gilda Radner act: Well, excusssse meee! And "Never mind."
Apparently, as much as I try to please, I can screw up when I don't know what I'm doing.  I got all kinds of email from the "Scroll" designers scolding me on several fronts about format and size, and a couple from the steady members saying, Hey, if you want to do that, do it somewhere else.
So, for now, I'll leave everything as it is and will develop a better game plan.
  I have several from Kenny Dyal and Bill and a few of my own. I just am swamped with the server issues and matters at home. Stay tuned.

January 27, 2007
Nope, I didn't fall off the edge of the planet. Just REALLY busy at redesigning the Board. That should ring pleasant to our members who are crafters and who have been politely urging me to open up the archives to fellow hobbiests and fabricators. Yes, it's coming together. Just click on the SCROLL choice in the menu to see how far I've taken it. Not done yet, soon...soon. Because of that, I am holding back on posting the designs I have ready.  I want to include them in the new Scrool area. But I will not post until that area is complete...soon..soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Joe Auricchio

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