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December 10, 2003
Really didn't want to post just yet.  I'm leaving for NY Saturday early and would rather get a few more things in but, Derick needs a BAND (aka: border) design and I figured I ought to post everything at once.  I have surgery tomorrow and who knows if I'll feel up to doing much after that anyway. 
Our new private server is sitting about 5 inches from me as I write.  It is so big it has 5 cooling fans and is ruining my left ear drum.  It is ready to go and I'm just waiting for Verizon or Bell South (whichever gets to me first) to give the go-ahead.  Likely not until I get back from NY.

My Work:...............  redid HTML area, moved ful designs off several
                                  pages and moved to full page, redrew supper and noted the          
                                  PLT version differences, scan, scan2, scan3, scan4, scan5,
                                   scan6, scan7, scan8, Made much of the My Own Draw
                                  Board Tutorial, Set Up new Private server files and computer
Derick Earp:........... cain, davis, james, jameson, mvrae, zewen,
Moses..................... flwr436, flwr437, flwr438, flwr439, kwaker, leaper7, monolith,     

Happy Thanksgiving Day, 2003
I'm sure you've noticed all the changes going on around here. Old features like the Virtual Showroom and My Own Drawing Board are moving front-n-center. New functions like Order Stencil and Design Service are emerging better than I thought they might.  Denis, John, Derick and I are all putting the time in and it's beginning to show.
New stuff  this week: 
My Work:............... neumann, neumann2,  re-designed the Virtual Showroom area, readied the
                                 My Own Drawing Board. for when Denis has the Java scripts done,
                                 abible, abird2, abird3, abird4, bless, bluebell, bluf, blug, bluh, blui,
                                 bluj, ihs4, nfmc

Nov. 20, 2003
If we're going to go with 30% of our members, then, if the US taxes the Net, I'm moving to Costa Rica. Yeah, way to go, guys! I sure like my bosses!
I have changed the private server (to fit all the designs) and you know me,  I misspell as easily as blinking.  So take a visit to the private server and log in.  If you can't get in, email me a nasty letter and I'll fix it.

Nov. 18, 2003
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:............... lxrenice, enice2, enice3, enice4, enice5, enice6, nice, nice2,
Moses....................  posted, rhorse5, shroom8, slopoke5, sundae4, tabc,

Nov. 11, 2003
If you were online alot this week, you had to be spending a lot of your time at the private server. I replaced the main server. We have a brandie-new server in place and a second private server in the works.
Raising fees was a "right" thing to do (as some of you have remarked.) Although we lost 3 members over it (so far, 3) the gap in the budget should be closed by year's end.  Since this was an unscheduled fee hike, I will return everyone to $40 as soon as that gap is closed.  Fair enough?  Next year's fees (which get calculated on May 5th) should be ... rather could be a pleasant surprise if this stencil cutting service and/or the new access levels work out good. I won't say more unless I wash my foot first, or at least put sugar on it so it has a better taste than it did last year.
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:............... down, down2, down3, down4, down5, down6, down7, down8, down9
                                 eown, eown2, eown3eown4, eown5, eown6, eown7,
                                 added Quatrefoil and Rose Window to Christian Library,
                                 added good link to an online Catholic Encyclopedia, I also added
                                 a little "sales" pitch to help those who get lost by symbolism. I always
                                 found selling the symbol sells the stone. bown, bown2, bown3,
Bill Peisher:............(These were the ones on the Message Board) bdog, boarder, btar1, btar2,
                                 btar3, btar4, btar5, btar6, btar7, btar8,

Nov. 5, 2003
    Damn!  I earned my $150 this week!  Doesn't look like a lot of new designs, right?  Well, I had to re-draw every single one. They were all originally in GIF format, believe it or no.  I will start earlier this week.
     If you haven't been following the The Message Board you'll be happy to know I am going to go ahead with the Design and Stencil Service. The response is just over whelming and long-time members as well as newbies would just walk all the way to Kissimmee, FL. to clobber me if I didn't do it. Now, once we start, get involved.  I don't want to be the only artist and Derick and John surely won't be able to handle a full load of work (once it starts coming in.) Read the message board and the links, comment and advise.  We ought to be up and going by mid-winter so we'll be in gear for the Spring rush. 
My Work:...............Created the Design & Stencil Service areaMari, 3x2,
                                 3x21, 3x23, 3x24, 3x25, 3xb, 3xc, 3xd, 3xe,

October 28, 2003
Converted and posted this week: 23 hockey logos from William -Great Job!
My Work:...............Created FULL DESIGN area boyd, b36, b37, b38, f39, f40, f41,
                                moved 4incat, moved passmk,   moved lfb2, moved lflat, moved
                                ldoggy, moved bulldog, redrew skiddo, re-drew ski8x, moved grieco,
                                moved cala, 1nich, 1oich, 1pich, 1qich, 1rich, 2bk, 2book, skiier,
William Desrochers:........ a, b ,c1 ,c2 ,c3 ,c4 ,d1 ,d2 ,e, f, l ,m, n1, n2, n3, p1, p2, p3
                                           s1, s2, t, v, w,

Oct. 20, 2003
Converted and posted this week: My Work:....................... car, moved artcar, moved car1, moved car,
                                          moved z28, moved 302rod, aofm, wros2, wros3
                                          htx, xht1, xht2, xht3, xht4, xht5, xht6, xht7, xht8,
                                          nat, nat2, nmary, redrew macw, left, left2, left3,
                                          left4, left5,

Oct. 11, 2003
Been a busy news week, be sure to catch up - especailly regarding new fees.
Converted and posted this week: My Work:....................... a100a, a103, a104, a120b, flat1, flat2,
                                         moved am, moved writer, moved student,
                                         moved law, moved musician, moved newspaper,
                                         gate120, gsham, gcon, gcon2, lauder, lset,
                                         ldoggy, lflat, lflat2, lfb, lfb2moved ooo, moved orein,
                                         moved tri, moved eyesn, moved, pass, moved doggyd,
                                         moved prose, moved srose, moved dogrose, wros,
                                         moved artros16, moved rose431,
Derick Earp:..................  goneke, hachett, hayes, henning, pace, parker, slay

Oct. 10, 2003
I have too many designs to convert and post so I am suspending the UpLoad Warrior for a spell. The archive if numbered by drawings alone - not multiplied by converted formats - is sitting close to 27,000 files still not touched.  The pressure to redraw, clean, convert, and post them is getting heavy on me. I likely will not return the option until a good 2 or 3,000 are cleaned up.

Oct. 8, 2003
   ADSTONE is back up.  Using the little server until next week.

Oct. 7, 2003 ... rasing fees!!!
   OUR PRIVATE SERVER will be down for a spell. Reason is that Win2003
requires talent beyond mine to get our normal operating system on it. Back to CompUSA.
If any of you feel badly for that hacker who is now doing 7 years in a Jersey prison for selling movies
off our server, remember he also  cost us over $7,000 in repairs, this new hard drive,
and all that strife we endured the first portion of this year.  We have another hacker on
our list too,  I'll let you know when we actually make the arrest.
   As I struggle through all this, it is apparent that fees will need to be raised. We can't
stay on budget for the rest of 2003, with what we have left now ($767.63).  I have implemented a
multi-tiered fee rate, in case you didn't notice it on the new JOIN page. The changes
reflect YOUR input. Comments through the message board or directly to me.  I suspect
several of you will want to change your access. SnowBirds will especially love the $30 rate
and/or the $55 access option. Either re-join through the JOIN page or send me an email
and I'll do it manually for you. The new fee goes into affect today. So if you paid your 40 for this
month already, next month will be $47. (Unless you opt for a differrent access choice.) All you
pay by the year folks, if you paid for 2003 already, you saved about $100, lucky-guys. But if
not,  you will pay $500 for the next 12 months.
    I have mailed out this year's Jan-Jun balance sheets to those on the list, watch the mail.
    I will also begin a new service where any retailer, designer, or shop can order design and
stencil work done. Many of you responded to the emails I've sent about it and what was posted
on the Message Board.  The service needs more of your input and I will begin the
webpages needed for it very soon.   .......sorry for the long What's New........

Oct. 3, 2003
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:......................... method, redid FAQ,
MOSES ............................ flwr2234, flwr2387, flwr2391, flwr2392, flwr2393, flwr2394
                                           flwr2395, nana3, nicemuse, pearr2, pental4

Sept. 24, 2003
No news is good news...........Sherri has sent us a few of her lovely angels.
My Work:.........................  redraw of bueat, druid, espo1, espo2, espo3,
                                            espo4, espo5, espo6, qcorner,    
Sherri Henly......................   angbut, angel21, cowboyp, roper, scat, sdog, steddy September 10, 2003
In case you didn't notice, Cathy has been mailing post cards to every dealer in the States in hopes of gaing new paying members.  Got one from France!  ..figures, huh?  We also gained an UpLoad Warrior named William Dresrochers (from Canada) and I've posted his work along with others listed below.  (Maybe if we sent post cards to Iraq, we'll gain members from the States?)

My Work:......................... bucky, corner2, dove4, daisyscr, fscroll, fscroll2,
                                           fscroll3, ocorner, threepan, threepa2              

William Desrochers:........ wactree, walien, wbadger, wbattle, wbuf, wbull
                                           wcoarms, wcrown1, wcrown2, weagle, wele
                                           wfootb, whockey, wrx, wprin, wribbon, wshield
                                           wship, wthe, wtrophy, wwed
Ken Dyal:.......................  rn, tanker Bill Peisher:.................... oiltruck

September 4, 2003
Come on, guys!  Don't I have enough gray hair????  Doesn't it occur to you that it costs YOU money every time a hacker compromises our site.  Yes, OUR SITE!    Gaz-zooks! Please think before acting.
I have been tracing every connection only to discover 2 members who gave their customers (several customers) their user-id and passwords so the customer could return to the comfort of their homes, browse the Board.......and hack the living daylights out of us while they were at it!!!!         Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Please, 1) occasionally email me with a new password.  2) Do NOT give out that info. Ever!  To anyone.
For my part,  I'll bring back the original DrawingBoard for the on-the-road salesmen and those who use the Board as a virtual showroom.  I will soon create a GUEST account when the main server is replaced.  You can give out the user-id of friend and password of friend to access the search and view functions.  THIS APPLIES ONLY TO mydarwingboard.com - not ADSTONE or our other servers being placed.  This way you don't need to compromise your account information. 
The DrawingBoard is missing die shapes and is not fully functional yet. But I'll squeeze it in as soon as I can.

September 1, 2003
I've posted a convenient link to the message board, just above this sentence so you have no excuse to weigh in about the 30 million more drawings issue.  I hope you all are visiting the new Private Server and bookmarking the site. I have been studying behavioral traits of hackers (as if they're an animal breed, huh?) and am considering shutting down the private servers during hours we would not be using them much.  The hours a hacker would sneak in and do his thing. Of course, if a server goes down, at least one of the private ones will be up 24/7.  I'll keep you posted.  August 29, 2003.... the Day our first private server came online
Any good hacker could still get us, but at least all you have to do is move on to the next server if you can't get into the MyDrawingBoard.com server. (They'll be 4 or more new private servers in all) So start book marking the sites. Oh! Goodness Me! you're going to love the search engine over at our secondary server - www.ADSTONE.net  (rememeber that name, kiddies?) it is the same old search engine from that old true-blue original. 
August 26, 2003
   Shakespeare (remember him?) said, "Sweet are the uses of adversity." We are sterling examples of his observation. Both with the "mirroring" technique we will soon setup and in the misery caused by our search engine failure. (The drop-off of membership is terrible also, but weeding out those who don't use the Board much or properly is a good thing, me thinks.)
   My heartfelt thanks go out to many, above all: ShelbyM who not only gave our old search engine back to us, but jogged my imagination to formulate what you see there now.  Nothing less than super and it's actually 4 search engines.  In the future, one or more can fail, the next one is just a click away!  This new,  UNIVERSAL SEARCH is at the old location. 
Converted and posted this week: My Work:.........................  redraw of 42, batter2, bible12, blockx, bnr99
                                            chaprose lamp168, mary16, mpa, mpx, mrcal, nyy, outx,
                                            redraw of cornerse, divine, fl8, gate92, gate94, lamp16,  
                                            sh9, shnew, sltx3, xrose2   
Lizbeth:.............................. boater

August 25, 2003
    I found a search engine which is portable - much like we're going to be in a couple of weeks.  So that puts and end to ever losing the Search Engine and once Shelby and I get our connections set, that will put an end to ever going down or being hacked to death. ...there are a few misspellings on the search engine - live with it - this was no easy task.   EVERYTHING should be working smoothly.  Any problems, let me know.  And make sure you visit this page when I announce the new setup.  I will be posting how to get the web addresses of our "mirrored"  sites.  Right now we plan 4 separate mirrors across North  America. August  23, 2003
    I gave up on programmers and writing my own Search Engine.  We'll go back to our old one once we get settled in the new system... see yesterday's news .... I found a pre-made thingie on the Net and we'll use that for the time being.  It find EVERYTHING! so be careful of what you click on or you might get lost in Limbo.  Stay to the http://www.mydrawingboard/HTML/htwhatever links and you'll be fine.  So sorry for this mess... but it 's all on Microsoft.  A company we will NOT be doing biz with anymore.

May 2, 2003
Just back from NC with the $1,500 Barretta...  ^^%$##!&*   Anyway,  Apparently AOL members and Netscape users can't log onto the Board.  I don't know why, still tweaking.  But my sights are set at when I can return the old-new server.  That will heal all wounds.  Meanwhile, AOL'ers if you need a design please email me the file and format and I'll get it to you in return email.  Let me add that I suspect a few of you aren't getting access and just shrugging it off thinking I'll get it right soon...and I will, but Mom's Day is next week and I might not be able to get it right until after that. So, don't be shy, I will likely refund everyone anyway once we get back.  Oh, talking about that, KUA finally got our next year's service agreement to me.  No change.  Fees will remain at $40 again this year. 

 April 28, 2003
     Notice I've been missing?  Want the short or long version?  OK, here goes.......
Day after Easter. Decisions were made about the future of the flower shop; intimately combined 
with my own destiny: I will leave town today. 2 days earlier than originally planned. The future will
unfold based upon the wisdom or folly of my actions. Superman could pull this off...me? 
I don't know but the flower shop has no management save me and I must get back to FLA
because Mitch can't get online, Kay neither. Derick can't up or download, Dave either, while
Bill Piesher and  Kimon have designs too! To add fuel, my grandson PJ is still in Florida-State
limbo.  After one judge dismissed the case completely because, 'He said so.'  This new judge
in "her" county adjourned and I don't want to miss the new date... poor kid has been in limbo
for 16 months now.  No place for a 37 month old to be! I gotta get home. 
     Half of the world's largest privately owned Star Trek collection and enough underwear for 
a bee-line dash in my '89 Baretta to Kissimmee, I was already on the Virginia border by noon. 
Cathy and I are trading the sports car in against an Astro - leave us with that and a Jeep.  They'll
give me $500 for the Barretta.  Deal.  And I am working this little puddle-jumper to the max all
1,100 miles. "Hold on, Mitch, here I come!"  "Hang in there, PJ, Papa Joe's on his way!" And
fast too.  (If I go the speed limit, that's fast for me.)
     But, ya know why I prefer vans over cars?  Cause when you just get at a comfortable dash 
on I-95 just around Washington DC everything comes to a halt, because some gold-bricking 
moRandy bends a fender leaving 2 cars blocking I-95 for 75 miles!  I'm the last auto to crawl by
to see Mr. Sue-em-all step like Saddam Hussien into and among his faithful gathered in  the
ambulance.  Had I my van I'd be 75 miles north relaxing, drinking, and dreaming how to steal
PJ away from his situation. 
     I find the nearest Econo Lodge and turn in for the night just south of the Beltway.
     Tuesday 8 am. I'm still wondering why Mitch can't get online while watching the North
East's worse winter in 40 years turn purple with Balsam at the North Carolina border.  
Soon, Mitch.  Count on me, Kimon.  I'll see the Cinderella castle towers by evening.
     'Go, Joe, go! Faster than a speeding bullet.'
     Until you blow a head gasket in Dunn, NC.  Talk about getting tangled up in this
red cape.  I gotta change that 'S' back to plain old Joe one of these days.
     The Econo Lodge in Dunn, NC. is much to be desired as it is a very long walk for
an over weight 54 year old to the nearest saloon - the Sage Brush. Still I trekked Dunn
on foot and noted all the auto repair shops. It is now 9 pm and world-wide that means
get tucked in at the local saloon.
     There is only 3 people in the bar besides me. God is a trickster and angels play 
jokes on us all.  ShaRandy Stone is tending bar. Such a look-a-like that she has the 
actresss' autograph down pat and has long ago given up telling folks she's not.  On
my right sat this for-sure-not-from-around-here young man named Randy.  Randy is an
engineer from Goodwin Manufacturing out of Kentucky here in Dunn to tweak a local
network. An Auto-Cad 2003 guy. Gosh! I wanted to kiss him! ShaRandy might have the
curves yet Randynie has the conversation ready and waiting.  But it gets better. Rick,
on my left, turns out to be not only an artist but a writer as well!  Poetry and all. 
Talk about 3 of me all at the same place at the same time!
      All real and all true.  The night flew to ShaRandy's last call... Dunn is not Florida, 
it's cooler; humming a '60's tune while recalling some of Randy's tech-talk and chatter with
Rick about my old haunt in Grennwich Village I am walking through thigh-high grass
toward the Econo Lodge then find an old cap on the ground. It read 'Sage Brush Saloon.' 
I put it on cause thinning hair doesn't kick it anymore. It fits perfectly.
     A moment during the next morning I'll never forget: I'm at Perry Brother's Service &
repair center.  It's Wednesday and they can't get near the Barretta till Monday the
earliest. Might cost me no more than $1,000 to fix the $500 Barretta. Andy Perry can't
even get me a rent-a-car on the phone. U-Haul doesn't answer their phone while - back
in FLA - Cathy doesn't have the $$ to get here to pick me up.  Mitch expected an
answer by today, tomorrow the latest! 
     Don't ya just hate it when you forget how to fly?
     I call Hertz, sure, but not until Sunday, maybe, and at the Fayerville airport 35 miles
away.  Dunn has no taxi service and none of the locals are going in  that direction soon.
     Enterprise rents me a car... a thing with 4 wheels and manual windows, no cruise or
radio...and I MUST return it back here.  All for $400. Hell, I gotta pick up the Barretta
anyway. In betwixt I can fix Mitch, catch up on the Network and the flower shop and
see PJ and kiss and hug Cathy to smittereens. So it's now close to noon and
I'm pedal pushing my way south... hang in there, everyone. Here I come to save the day....
     N.C. and South Carolina in a blur. From rainy highway to the sunny 3 lanes and cheap
gas of Georgia.  Passing the most lovely welcome sign in the USA - "Welcome to Florida
the Sunshine State."  I am singing 'Southern Man,' toking on a full pipe and sucking in the
Spring aromas of ocean salt and forest fires.  I'm home!
     Twilight is gone near Daytona Beach.  I'm juggling the strategy of my return to Dunn. 
Cathy will be with me, thank goodness. While I'm trying to figure out why Mitch and the
others are having problems. What I'm going to do with the new flower shop system, how
I can bring PJ into normalcy, what I'm going to do with my $14,000 credit card debt, when
Cathy and I are going to tie the knot, how come I can dream dreams that come true but
never realize it until they come true, why God just doesn't stand up and cry out,
                                  "HERE I AM!" 
     I'm sailing at top speed into Orlando - the resort capitol of the planet.  Of course, I'm
not alone. War or no war people come here to escape everything.  But not me.  Here is
ground zero for me.  Cathy is watching from the bedroom window. Fire works roll across
the sky from over lake Epicot.  Mitch is waiting and PJ is crying.  Kimon is still trying to
upload. Bill Piesher - always thoughtful -  wonders what is going on in Kissimmee. I'm
10 minutes from home speeding down route 4 looking for the FLA turnpike ramp......
     Anyone wanna bet that at the end of that ramp is a chunk of kryptonite?

 April 8, 2003
OK, here's the story and the deal.
Most of you got an email from me saying we would be gone, out of biz, until after Easter and not back till after May 1st. In that email - and the REASON for it - I mentioned that I would delete all accounts because I can't get that switch-er-roo correct to pause or suspend the credit card charge..and you know charge backs costs us $35 each, so forget that! 
The server is still down and likely is a $9,000 piece of trash (thanks, Mr hacker)... you're back in the old-time server from 1999.  Things will not work as expected, although Clive and I are hard at it.  I recreated your accounts and you all know my spelling problem, so if you can't get in, call me or email me and I'll fix it... but not immediately, I'm headed for New York and can't get to the server readily from there.  Call the flower shop at 888-756-0710  or email me here. The search engine will not work until Clive or ShelbyM repairs the engine itself.  You will have to search manually ... gosh! I hate that!  I also have a bunch of new postings, but I will hold off until the server is back up or we decide to just remain with this one. The ones I did post, but didn't let you know about willbe listed at the end of this long-winded April 8th post. Sorry, but I am doing my best.
I will not delete the accounts or stop charging your cards unless this alternate method fails also.  Sorry to confuse you if I do or did.  Please bear with me, this is real stress at a very bad time.  If this route does fail I will do exactly as I mentioned in that email... remove all charges and accounts and start from the get-go.
How all this will affect the fees going forward?  It don't look ducky, folks.  But if this old server works out and I decide it will do (not likely, that's why we got the super one) costs will not change because there's no expense.  However ..........you get the idea.
Posted at this server also:
My Work:........................ bone, joecorn, vette, Created SIGN Libarary, Finished the ANGELS area,
                                            jewflame, jewfl2, korean, lkd1003, 220-17sa,

Bill Peisher:.................... 1957p, 1957p1, 1957p2, 1957p3, coorsrd, flags, florida, gx, gbuggy, mom,
                                         angels, noah, noah2, noah3, pate, pate2, 3624, bihs, billxr, billxr2, billret,
                                          billret2, billret3, golf, golf2, kocmkr, rosette, stars, teddybow, lfish,   
                                          lfish3, lfish4, lfish5, lfish6, lfish7, lfish8, lfish9, lfish91, earsup, lfish2,

  March 30, 2003

You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere
They won't make it home but they really don't care
They wanted the highway
They're happy there today today

We're all going to be singing that song by FASTBALL  soon enough.  Clive is breaking some teeth on odd code here and there.  Me?  I'm ready except for the loose ends needed from Clive.  And if we get too close to my Easter work schedule (April 10th) it'll have to be pushed off till May.  Still, you're sure to "love" - as Time Warner claims - our new Board. And, if not, let me know cause changes will be very easy in this new environment. (and if you're really shallow enough to LOVE a 'thing', send us roses, they always go up in price over the holidays!)

March 28, 2003
Just like the old days, huh?  SERVER ALERT!  A little fire in our server has caused me to remove the server and bring it to CompUSA for repairs.  You're in the old-time GemRock server at this moment, so expect all kinds of things NOT to work well.  We'll be back to normal within 5 days. March 26, 2003
Still working on the new Board..... any day now, any day....
Posted this week.........
My Work:.........................75, passmk, 4incat, cusx, rub1, rub2, rub2a, rub3, rub4, terrier,
                                           catf1, catf2, cat3, catf4, catf5, cat6, catf7,
Moses:...............................mo1, mo2, mo3, mo4, mo5, mo6, mo7, mo8, mo9, moa, mob, moc,
                                           mod, moe, mof, mog, moh, moi, moj,
Derrick Earp:................... dera, derb, derc, derd, dere, derf

March 15, 2003
    Happy St. Paddy's to ye.  Unless you're Italian like me, then, enjoy St. Paddy's and a happy St. Joe's day to youse guys.
    I'm up to my ears with all kinds of stuff - all worth the wait and efforts.  For those following the new rates and account status you can get a glimpse of my first drafts here..and here.. and here... and here.. Or to view what will be our new Services page, click here. These are just mock-ups but the prices and the idea that you'll have more control is obvious.  When?  Hopefully before I leave to tend to the flowers during April or right before Mom's Day. Since Clive and I are still tossing this together, suggestions and comments are welcomed - email me.
    Like I said, I'm busy with this and other things, so here's what I have for you in the way of postings.......
My Work:......................... 1palm, gorman, REDRAW of modon9
Kimon:...............................khorse, kjesus, kkoka, kpig, ksun, ksun2, ktig, kfem, kfem2, tiki, tiki2, trailer,
Bill Peisher:....................  bbible

March 12, 2003
    A few of you are calling saying that you can't access www.gemrock.com anymore.  TRUE. Please adjust your browsers to www.mydrawingboard.com  GemRock is gone forever.
    And, this format for MyDrawingBoard will soon be gone forever too.  Clive and I are about to open the new site within a week or so.  We are disappointed in tools posted and not being used as they were intended, that should all change.  The MarketPlace will be free and managed by you, not me.  You'll be able to offer your services to the world and buy from others as freely, as long as you're a supporter here, of course.  We also will create different tiers of memberships from like $5 per month to whatever our yearly fees will figure to be (still waiting on KUA.)  Tools will be a bit easier to use and find.
    That and my poor Dad's broken neck is the reason you haven't been getting any new designs posted.  Bear with it, folks, and you UpLoad Warriors, keep 'em coming, they'll get posted eventually. March 2, 2003
I don't want to be silent about the following news considering the power my dad holds and how many friends here at the Board would be very annoyed if I didn't alert you all to the fact that Dad broke his neck in a car accident Friday night.  He's in some kind of vest-brace for 3-4 months and resting comfortable at Brookhaven Medical Center.

 March 1, 2003 
Not much to report.   The Miss Twiggy Contest is in place but not working 100% until I figure out a way to prevent voters from voting twice. So the page itself lacks usual instructions, still you might get a kick out it as is so far. We have a new Upload Warrior: Svein Tore. An artist from Norway who is interested in swapping drawings.  I emailed him to leave a message to that effect in our message board.
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:.........................  ball, laur, paw
Linda Williams:................. shores, shores2, shores3
Svein Tore: ...................no1, no2, no3, no4, no5, no6, no7, no8, no9, no10, no11,
                                        no12, no13, no14, no15,

Feb. 16, 2003
God damn! You poor souls in America's north east! I'm sitting here in clear, 83 degree weather watching world-class fire works in sleeves and shorts and being told by my sister that all you guys are in near zero temps and snow to boot.  Forget everything I ever said about having trouble in my life. Please stay safe and warm. Click here to check out Cathy and my date with the works.
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:.....................  iris, iris2, singro, venti, xrose17, xxgate, redid entire Flag Library with links                                         to drawings,  redid entire LOGOS library
Jedi D. Upload Warrior:. war9, war1, war2, war3, war4, war5, war6, war7, war8, war9, wara                                          warb, warc, ward, ware, warf,
Bill Peisher:.................... billrd1, billrd2, billrd3, lab,

Feb. 5, 2003
I dislike announcing what I've posted while still in the midst of converting more, but the dentist wants to pull a couple of teeth and I might not feel up to finishing later, so .........
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:.....................acorn2, barre25, indian3, modon5, terry2, theresa3, doggy, singer, buggy, posted the new
                                      SAINTS search engine,   
Bill Peisher:.................... antler, billdeer, billdeer2, billdeer3, billdeer4, bbabe, bbabe2, bbabe3, bbabe4, bbabe5,
                                        bbabe6, bbabe7, bbabe8, byanks,
Derrick Earp:....... case,  robbert, jenkins, simmons, stanley, teacher

Jan. 29, 2003
   If you're following all the fusing lately, or if not, here's a new wrinkle.  I set up a site for message boards, chat, emails, profiles, games, links, cam-conferences, photo albums and websites for the Monument Business only to learn that ShelbyM has some thing he believes is better going on on his end.  So I'm shutting down what I have here.... for the Monument Biz. We'll keep all the stuff for MyDraw in place.  Jan 22, 2003..later that day
   Gaz-zooks!  Was that some email from Bill and the back and forth, huh?  For those who didn't get a swipe at it, click here and enter the MyDraw message board and read that message from Bill.  And, really! Isn't this exactly how we should be employing MyDrawingBoard.com?  Flatly: yes. Jan. 22, 2003 If I lay me down
bow my head unto the ground 
Would you heal my skin 
& these blisters within My skin  Beth Hart, SKIN..........click here. One of the more notorious yawns told about Joe Pegasus (that's me) is about the time when I was painting on the streets of Greenwich Village circa 1968-9, and had to battle a cat one evening behind a restaurant for my supper. I made a lot of friends as Mr. Pegasus and they are rallying around me as clouds might, maybe, who-knows, appear on the horizon.  I forgot how many aliases I hung around with.  For good reasons, trust me. I want to post a thanks to them and to a very many of you for expressing concern - especially Bill, 'Hotel Jim' and Kimon.  I apologize if I made everything sound nightmarish, I will get through this.  Oh, by the way, the cat fight legend? That damn cat won the fight.
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:...................... dcube, shovel, indian2,
Bill Peisher:....................bgbuds, bgsun, bthorny, bfrank, bforn, bmarker, bmarker2, bv123,
Ken Dyal:.............. 711, 7up, clock1, clock2, clown200, dodge, gun100, gun200, jeep,

Jan. 15, 2003
   Damn! the whole world came to pieces (again!) Last year I lost my inscription biz to thieves.  Now I'm losing the flower shop.  Just what I need at 53 years of age, right?  There's no date set and I might get another year, but.... And here I am in Florida. Looking for a job during another economic down-turn. Man, I knew I should've gone to high school instead of working on a drawing board    . Just ducky.
   Got a couple of whacky suggestions - like "get an income from MyDrawingBoard." Yeah, right, charge all you guys another $20 per month.  That'll only put $800 per month in my pocket - that'll pay the mortgage, maybe.  No, forget that, this site remains free. And charges are on the rise as it is.   It's strange, me being in this situation. Almost funny.  I haven't worked for another since old man Marty Solomon in 1976.  Even then I was always sneaking out to cut inscriptions, draw details and comics, and play with the reel-to-reels at Sperry Rand.
    Anyway, enough of that.  Back on the job:  In betwixt preparing next year's budget, I have updated the Christian Symbols Library.  Removed all references to GemRock and ADSTONE across the Board. Adjusted Library contents. Removed more questionable copyright material.  Added some cute games at ourCYBERplace, and have begun work on a complete symbols library. Oh, do try the Fagouwee Indian game!
Converted and posted this week:
My Work:......................  jude2, jude5, jude8, book93, book94, acorner7, acorner8,                                 
                                          campern, camper4, smallhx, singbud, halfpint, 4rings, Bill Peisher:.................... cbill1a, cbill1b, cbill1c, cbill1d, cbill1e, cbill1f, cbill1g, cbill1h, cbill1j,
                                         marinesb, nicheb, bhumb, bnatang, bsqul, btallang, duschb, trainb, turkeyb, and here's a little message from Bill: This Winter weather is getting old...... though in this setting that would
be dubbed a "State Park" in any country, we have to be thankful for the things that make this area special.  Here is a link for pictures of The Canisteo Valley http://monuments.homestead.com/valley1.html
and here's Bill carrying , well, you figure it out.

Jan 9, 2003
   I finally got Clive to create a Logos' Search Engine.  Please note the link on the Logo Library's main menu page.  It may take a couple of days to index all the logos, so expect it not to work "straight away" (as Clive from England says it.) I also redesigned the main search engine for faster access to Saints, logos, flowers, etc and so forth.

Jan. 8, 2003
joe@gemrock.com will be shut off by Feb.15th  so change your address book to
                                     joe@mydrawingboard.com now!
In other news: I am weeping over last year.  Gosh! the economy just died since March, 2001, huh?  I remember saying that access fees would drop in 2003 and according to my latest crunching, looks like we're going to move up by $2.80.  Well, we still have until April before I throw that switch, who knows? Maybe it will turn around.  (We're $112 off our budget for 2003. Divided by 40 members is $2.80. A surge in membership or a surprise show of support can - might - lower or remove it.  But a rise in our hosting fees from KUA - which gets re-negotiated in February - can bring that $2.80 even higher.)

Jan. 3, 2003
  To those of you who are uploading images, please continue to do so regardless of the next sentence. I have so many drawings to convert and post that I am swimming in them, however, in order to fulfill all kinds of legal obligations I must do away with every reference to ADSTONE and Gemrock across the archive by the end of January.  So I am busy doing that.  I am also updating and sprucing up remote websites such as ourCYBERplace and VisualCADD.org which is stuff I do while shaving or clipping my toe nails, but important nonetheless.
   I do want to extend a sincere thank you to Bill Peisher for his numerous drawing of  black children and a black Jesus.  They are not only a great surprise but also a sterling example of a labor of purpose. 2 thumbs up, Bill!

Sincerely Yours,
Joe Auricchio

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