1984 to 1993

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Best Pals - Belmont Park, 1990

Actual records of Uno sessions did not begin until March 22, 1991. Records of rules and policies were loosely kept since the UNO CLUB'S conception in 1984, however, little history was recorded. Originally, the game was played on Sunday afternoons at 666 Straight Path where Joey and Denise Ramo resided. The first group did not organize as a club. They were Joey, Denise, Richie and Dotti (Butch) Ramo and John Ramo. During 1984, Artie and Beth Turco began playing the game with Joe and Denise on Sunday afternoons. Play time was according to when Artie and Beth finished at their engraving shop - usually around 5 pm. This was the beginning.

The following is the actual history notes taken.  Some histories were not taken religiously at the start.

March 22, 1991..New Uno Table! (Table was purchase by Joe(Pegasus) and Desert Joe (1944-2010))

March 30, 1991..We welcome Mimi (Bader) to our game.

April 6, 1991..First day over 72 degrees. New cards. Mark
built a clock. Joey is poisoned. End of
Artie's vacation..Piano tuned.. First debt
burden ratio for Pam - "She Failed Him"
IRS day 1991...Joe has urinary track infection. Jessie back
from Spring Break. Desert Joe back from

April 20, 1991.....New Cards..Joey is malnutrition. 2 months
eating starts tomorrow...Nothing new with
Mark..Pam leaves early for Birthdays..Joey
was 20 minutes late... Artie is medicated.

April 27, 1991....Artie and Joe move Pam in..Pam no here -
Nephew's birthday...New sound system.

May 4, 1991....This game twice to zero and more than twice
reshuffled deck..Jen/Jessie come in..Artie
switches around living room.

May 18, 1991...Joey can't deal 'cause a hornet bit his
thumb..Vale comes to play - full house.
Artie "Joe and Pam" move couch.

May 25, 1991...Joey III comes home..UNO CLUB had Bar-b-q
on deck. Vale finishes vacation..Pam starts
hers.. First time ever caught Artie not
saying UNO.

June 1, 1991...Joe got car phone and went bankrupt..Joe
and Lisa coming from Bronx...Mark washed
2 cars today...Pam getting transferred July
1 st to Huntington Citibank.

June 29, 1991...Joey's birthday UNO 42 years old. Artie
worked 52 hours, a record!!! Pam starts in
Huntington Citibank Tuesday..Mark took
2 hours to cut two 16 inch piece of
molding...Joey got great birthday party and
gifts and upgrade certificate to Asshole.

July 27, 1991...Back from vacation...taping "Outer
Limits"...Joey career might blast off
Mark loves country Polka music..Nickie
(Joe's dog) comes home...Poor dog.

Aug. 10, 1991...Michele's back after 5 and one half
months...Joey's estatic...Mark's
Birthday UNO..39 years old..Artie
and Pam remove carpet and switch around
living room.

Sept. 9, 1991...Playing down stairs..First time Desert Joe
played since June 29..Artie worked 6 to 6:30
all week, first week at school. Michele
starts at King Kullen deli..Pam won #1 for
skit at Citibank.

Sept.28, 1991...Michele screwed Joe for last time..Joe got
CAD system and went to school upstate..
Pamie's dog died on Monday = Augie. Pam
finishes vacation with a cold...We
christened Artie's new living room!!
Mark goes back to work.

Oct. 12, 1991...Senate going nuts with Clarence Thomas
Next week Artie will be certified CPR.
Pam's cold is over!

Oct. 26, 1991...Artie is CPR...Pam going to crumby wedding
tomorrow...Joey got Dremel tool. Mark
molding is done.

Nov. 9, 1991....Joey's van is done...Pam's table is
92%...Tumble weeds and bicycles for Artie...
Joey's opening a 7-11.

Nov. 30, 1991...Thanx and Birthday UNO; where the fuck
is Joey? Desert Joe is back..Table 96%
(Table referred to is one we all worked on and is our official UNO table)

Dec. 21, 1991...Welcome Valerie to UNO...Table 99.7% done
Artie's back hurts...Joey learns about
electrcity..Nothing ever happens to Pam

Jan. 4, 1992....Happy New Year!!! Joe is hour and half
late...Oilers verses Broncos put him to sleep
Mark on vacation...Artie and Pamie get
secretary cabinet...Xmas was first anniversary
of UNO club...Look at Joey's shut out
destroyed by Artie in one hand!

Jan. 18, 1992.....Joey broke Artie's thing...Artie has old but
fancy rocking chair...Joey sat in it while it
was still wet...Mark was late!

Feb. 1, 1992...49 more days till Spring!!!Joey suffering from
extended flu...Mark had flu for 3 days
now fine - and he is 3 minutes late.

Feb. 15, 1992...........Artie and Pam are introduced to Joey's
comics...New chairs (Mahogany Heplewhite
1924)..Mark marks his 20 weeks at work
Artie's kitchen half nicely done..
Artie ate one pound filet migon last
night at Pam's bank's award dinner.

Feb.29, '92...17 degrees outside, was 50 yesterday
Sadie Hawkin's Day...Mike - Joe's brother died
on leap year..Pam was sent out by Artie to buy
Sunday's paper for the 25 million Lotto -
she did! (It's Saturday night) in 17 degree
temperature...Artie built cabinet and stained
bricks..Leap year Feb. 29, full moon

Mar. 14, '92....6 days till Spring..Temp is 23 degrees
Vale is here after year absence..DJ ain't
here yet..Parkay floor is laid in hallway
Joey takes on Resurrection Florist and
Monuments...Desert Joe arrives 3 months
2 and half weeks late..Planets in
motion again.

Mar. 25, '92.........Joe and Doreen open "Friendly Florist"
today...Pam made more than half million
for Citibank...Joey canceled UNO because
of florist but changed mind when Artie and Pam
visited florist...Welcome Doreena Doreena
to UNO.

Apr. 18,'92...Joey had $1,000 day in new florist 'Ye
Olde Friendly Flower Shoppe'...Artie's
back is out of whack..Pam and Artie
begin week vacation.
May Day II Artie's back to work...Joey good
Samaritan, changes girl's tire
600-900 B.C. amulet and stained
glass vacation prizes.

May 16, '92......Pam's birthday..Full house..
UNO spat-tack-u-lar!

May 30,'92..... New UNO box, hand carved by a pope - or some
guy named Pope - or maybe not anyone at all
Less than 22 days before the sun begins to
shorten days and everyone's walking around
in sweaters and jackets..We know we're taking
vacation July 11 to 18..Tonight we discuss
destination..Mark won a car or computer..But
he's shy to collect so Artie will go in Mark's
place...Joey's van thrashed in Huntington
and screwed up right foot while dancing with
Diane...Same old, same old with Pam..Artie
re-did stereo wires to create "Sonic
Excellence"..Sounds like speaker cabinets
were built by Pope.  

June 12,'92...Artie purchased a shrine to monkey people
Pam, especially Artie, tried to cheer
up George 'The Clock' to no avail.

June 26,'92...Friday Birthday UNO..Joey now 43..Mark
has drain plug for 30 days..For fatty tumor
Artie worked too hard this week and begins
to select antiques for Joey's florist..We
discover that Pam's name is also her initials
Pam Ann Meyers..Generaro Polio in town..2nd
time Doreen gets here on time.

July 25,'92...All back from vacation on Grand Isle..Mark's
thing on his back is gone..He also put 1500
dollars into his car...Joey saw train hit car
and people survived..Pam was locked in vault
room at Citibank for 15 minutes.

Aug.8,'92.....Mark's birthday UNO..40 years now...DJ
one hour EARLY!

Aug. 22,'92...The cat is here...Bucky will be gone by next
UNO..Joey and Doreen had great time at

Sept. 5,'92...Ye Olde Friendly Flower Shoppe gets FAX
Joey crossed eyed with Jock Itch..
Doreen stays home - so she says...Mark
got bit by frivolous, wild cat (probably
rabid)...Artie worked his buns off.

Oct. 3,'92....Long 4 weeks no UNO..Pam goes up a notch
at Citibank...Joey doesn't hang out in Bay
Shore no more..Artie gets cabinet done..
Buckie moved out..Pam and Artie buy another
trunk...Adrianna came to visit...Frannie
and Tom came to visit...Mark got $10 week
raise..Mark purchased cross bow and target
just in case Middle Ages return.

Oct. 17'92....Joey's compressor blew up for the last time
Change #9 for Artie's dinning room..Start
rotation score keeping.  

Oct.31,'92....Halloween UNO!!!
Pam - Dead Princess
Artie - Dead Einstien
Mark - Clarence Thomas
Desert Joe - Motorcycle cop
Joe - PMS

Nov. 14,'92....Desert Joe's daughter got married. Mark
blew engine in caddy - in shop for 5 days...
first day out Mark rear ends some old guy who
had heart attack...Pam moving to Commack
Citibank to be hostess at manager wages.

Nov. 28,'92...Birthday UNO..Arthur J. Turco UNO
Grandmaster celebrates his 43 rd birthday
on planet of the apes..Joe a. rolling in
flower power..Worth of strange Hamilton to be
determined by numistical interrogations..
Desert Joe re-appears in eastern time
zone...Mark's car on engine try- out
2 weeks plus.

Xmas UNO..1992..Pamie is on vacation..So is Mark
is Artie..Joey and Doreen end Xmas

UNO 1993, JAN. 9, 1993..Har-e Gnu Yeer. Desert Joe found
$60.00. Otherwise nothing for history books.
3 games. Pam, pam..unrecorded.