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Welcome to the Artie Turco Memorial Uno Club

The first UNO games begun in 1984. Actual records of Uno sessions did not begin until March 22, 1991. Records of rules and policies were loosely kept since the UNO CLUB'S conception in 1984, however, little history was recorded. Originally, the game was played on Sunday afternoons at 666 Straight Path where Joey and Denise Ramo resided. The first group did not organize itself as a club. They were Joe (Pegasus) Auricchio, Denise, Richie and Dotti (Butch) Ramo and John Ramo and sometimes Desert Joe. During 1984, Artie and Beth Turco began playing the game with Joe and Denise on Sunday afternoons. Play time was according to when Artie and Beth finished at their engraving shop - usually around 5 pm. That was the beginning.
    The core club was formed on Christmas Day 1988. That club is known as the Original Uno Club.  Sometimes called the Auricchio/Turco Uno Club.  It consisted of Joe Auricchio, Artie Turco, Mark Turco and Pam Miers.  Secondary members were Desert Joe and Mike Blom.

    It became the Artie Turco Memorial Uno Club on September 18, 1999, in memory of Artie Turco.


The Rules