My Take On The Economic Downturn

The idea of creating more jobs or creating new jobs or bringing back our old jobs is complete trash. A misleading lie and a show of just how foolish and/or ignorant our leaders are. No jobs will materialize because there will always be a computer, a robot or a foreigner who will take the job.

Our leaders should stop claiming to create jobs and turn their focus at creating a new economy. A new way to support the common good.

I do not pretend to be an economist. (Although my first contact with the government way back in 1972 was in the form of a letter describing an alternate economic system. I called it the SANE DOCTRINE - but it was very immature; it tied the issuance of the dollar to GDP ... gee, that sounds familiar!) I think the problem with how the higher-ups think is that they do not understand America is a democratic republic able to tolerate capitalism. Capitalism is not our system of government, it is a monetary philosophy that is accepted as a means for the common good. It need not be that way. If you consider that capitalism requires one person to profit and require others to not be able to have a share of the common good, it will soon fail - unless you're a robot. I suggest to you to use your favorite search engine and seek out all you can on "ALTERNATIVE ECONOMIES"  you will be surprised how many folk are thinking about this nowadays.

This is an issue we need to resolve before America starts falling apart because of it's method of commerce. It is obvious to me that there can be no new jobs; we need a new economy.

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