A Tribute to Arthur Jude Turco
1949 - 1996

    When I presented my second novel (A Virgin Stayed) to my closest of buddies, Artie, he filled my ears with criticism. 'Lucifer was not terrible enough.' 'The challenge confronting the virgin was not difficult enough.'
     However, what struck me most was his quick acceptance of how his character in the novel reacted to one of the friends we 'hung around' with. That friend dies in the story. Although this was a close friend, Artie's reaction was one of let it be; put it all behind you. Let dead dogs lie.

     Yet Artie was contrary in many ways too. 
     Somewhere in that long record of the UNO history he had made mention that "If" he died (an act he never intended to perform) that he wanted all of us to weep and wail and miss him everyday - forever. 

     I do miss him, he was a magic man. I have several photos, one is right here on my desk. But I doubt if I ever posted more than one or two on the Net.

     An old friend happened my way in April of 2011. One of Artie's flames from long before UNO. Long before many things. She sent me images - we use to call them pictures before 'images' and before 'photos.' 
     This gallery can serve as a peek back to the early 1970's for many. Cause a smile for those who knew Artie.
     As for me?  Well, it's a way of giving an old friend exactly what he wanted: forever.

Click on any image to see full size.

Artie playing guitar was taken in Peggy's house in Berkeley CA. around 1974-5

Artie with Duchess and Peg's dog, Shebang, taken in Virginia, on her farm, April 1977

1974 in New Mexico in front of Peg's apt., this is when she first met Artie, the one below it is from the same time. "He was handsome!!"

May 1978 in New Mexico

1974 in New Mexico

Berkeley CA. Just being Artie! 1975

Berkeley CA. 1975

Virginia on Peg's beach, 1976

1978, Albuquerque

Sitting at dinner at Peg's parents house, 1976, great photo, Peg can see Bucky has similar eyes and smile, saw Bucky on a Internet photo 

Turco family when we were in Babylon, 1976
Tony, Mark, Annabella, Artie and Jessica.
 Bucky was napping so he did not make the photo. 

Photo(s) by Peggy Reeves Lasich

Peg's Virginia farm, 1977. 
Neighbors horses.

Artie and Duchess in Albuquerque when Peg first met him 1974

Berkeley 1975, Artie was exhausted from house painting job, odd job work, our bed was a board on cinder blocks with some padding.

The day Peg met him in New Mexico 1974. Freddie Medina was his room mate, Jon Kingston and Betsy's sister Susan lived next door.

Best Pals - Belmont Park, 1990



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