The ISLIP Comics

    My very first unofficial official comic strip. The series ran from 1973 until 1978 while I was employed by Marty Solomon, the owner of Islip Monuments. There were over 100 strips in all, most are lost.

    Drawn on regular stock 8x11.5 sheets of paper they are difficult to follow unless you worked in the stone trades and/or knew the characters in the comics. The characters are Marty Solomon, owner and boss.  Larry Schel, my step brother and the shops lay-back and stencil cutter. Larry took the reigns of command when Marty was away or just away from the factory, as in: in his office. Dave Cannon, shaper and steeler. A shaper uses sandblasting techniques to "shape" the stone and produce the surface designs like roses and leaves. Bobby Milligan the shop's main sandblaster. Angelo Roma was a shaper and sandblaster. Chino, an Italian immigrant, was the shops main hand carver - sculptor. Rocco was also a snadblaster.  Eddie was an all round worker who visited bars and loan sharks, he went missing one day, for good. Bobby Russo replaced Eddie during the mid '70's. And I was the shop's layout man and letterer.


A Whale In Larry's Pool

Who Says There Was No Islip In 1 A.D.?


Bobby's In Here

Loosely based on my novel
The Winds Of Islip


Ode To A Jewish Angel

Joey Comes to Suffolk


The Eye Of Angelo Is Upon You



King Martin and the Knights of Islip Forest


Close Weird Encounters of the 
Eighteenth Knd and Type Stuff



Suffolk VICE

It Grows Wild At Islip


Back Here Again?

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