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These drawings were all drawn at the Hotel during times when traffic was slow or I just felt like drawing regardless of who was about.

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Only One Living in My Life
5 x 7 oil pastel on paper




 A lively and fascinating "married" lady who could shoot pool like a shark. 
Unfortunately, I discovered the truth about her being a wife and mom when her 
hubby walked in on us one night at the Hotel.


Wild Bill's Bait & Tackle

Bill at Hogan's Goat - 1997

Wild Bill
 Wild Bill ( William Wundermeyer) is an old clam poacher
along Long Island's south shore - retired.
Several sketches resound Bill's life style,
places and events - and fantasies. Here is a shop the old sailor never owned.
Bill died during 2013.

Shadow's Cast
 Here demonstrates my uneven view of my fellow
man's treatment of women. The male holds the female by a leash while he remains
one dimensional, pretends animation and the shadow he casts is actually hers.

"I know breaking up so well, I can draw it."
The title says it all.

Study This One
 I suggest you do as the title advises.

That One

There's A Difference

Here's to Bud

Diane, Envious of Her Clothes. For Once

Female fatale all the way. A beauty with loads of kids who "stayed home" while
Mom hooked up with the worse scoundrels you could image. She eventually settled down with
an Italian fellow who liked to bully her around - just what she wanted all along. 
Her image was the model for the front hood of my van Pegasus.

Jimmy Chelais
My drinking pal from 1978 till he was found
dead in my florist's freezer in 2004. He was not only a friend, he was a person I can say truthfully, that there was never anything I ever asked of him that he did not do - anything, anywhere, anytime.






Dud 2
 Her shadows strangles him.

A raven haired beauty who was attracted to me, but we were 20 years
apart in age. She roamed the Bay Shore area in search of lovers who
enjoyed psychological sexual play. She had you long before you ever had her.

Nancy was the night life's 'forever young' one. She remained 16 years old whether her body was 45
or 50 or 60. Silicone was the name we used in shadows, but whatever it took to still remain looking
youthful, Nancy employed - including seducing young men. Best part about her conquests were when the young ones returned with funny comparisons about age. Such as nasal sounds while she slept.
Accepting that as just the vanity so many women are trapped into, Nancy was a good friend, a super 
pool shooter and never refused to help others. She married (of all people?!?!) a cop
and, last I heard, they moved to Florida where she hated every minutes of it. 
Life is just too slow for her down here.


A common sight around Bay Shore and the Hotel.



Taking Sides
Every arguement was a public one. No matter if it were over the weather or
why your spouse refused you sex the evening before. Very often such
disagreements evolved into full fledged brawls.
After my fair share of bruises I had learned that bar room brawls
at the hotel were just like nature's call; as inevitable as sex, food
and shelter. But I also learned that the bar flies all eventually settled into a
role. Some were fighters, some cheered, some were referees, some were
innocent bystanders (in fact Cathy still has her tee shirt which reads Innocent By-Stander.)
So once hotel Jim and I realized the situation(s) we took up the role of protecting the
lady folk from thrown fists, chairs, bottles. Hey, we were heros who never
lifted a finger and laid many a damsel.


300 years of hats.

"Looks Like Marsha Philips;Thinking about Jennifer while Drawing Kathy."
Marsha and I were friends. I featured her in the Drawing Board gallery - here.
She is a world class artist, owns a restaurant and hotel on Fire Island
and a very popular fixture in the night life of Bayshore.


The only difference between the "hot mamas" of  Bayshore - Robin and Lara - was that
Lara whored herself out. 


A stunning beauty who preached annoyningly and endlessly about Christianity.
While she cuckolded her husband and eventually went insane.


This lady could kiss like Venus in heat. Seems to me that she spent her days
up to no good and her nights into deep trouble. Then she'd stop by the Hotel, kiss
on me for an hour or so and drag me off to her pad. She eventually moved
to the Carolinas. Miss that kiss.

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