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MyDrawingBoard's Copy of  The
Directory of Hebrew Names and Dates


This directory of Hebrew names and dates is a direct copy of a work compiled by Martha Marenof for Matthews Memorial Bronze Company. The original work is not dated but is estimated to have been created during the 1930’s. It’s copyrighted re-write and photo copy by Adstone began in July, 1997. The original work is not copyrighted and has been originally approved by the best available sources after careful examination. The spelling of Hebrew names is based on the following sources:
Aruch Hashulchan
Divre Chaim
Shulchan Hamarecheth
Tiv Gitin 
And other authoritative works. 

Its editor is:
Rabbi Mordecai Savitsky, President
Rabbinical Court of the Associated
Synagogues of Greater Boston
354 Seaver Street
Roxbury, Massachusetts

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