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X - Line

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X-line Girl

The style is nothing more than a series of criss-crosses.
Joe is just famous for it. But don't start criss-crossing so fast...see the next
piece from the collection.


Here Yman graphically displays the undertones of the X style.
This drawing's layout is X'ed.
Also shown in the Bayshore Hotel Series - Gallery 4


A Dress Named Cubism-X
Again, fashion is a common thread throughout his collections.
One might think this belongs in the 'Girls and Women' collection. Not.
This is the peak of the X-line style. One can readily see the architect in
Yman's hand.

X-Line 3
Smooth as silk, scratchy as sand paper.

A Smooth X


The chin and neck ruin the X-line so this drawing would be a failure.
Still, it holds the viewer's attention while it upsets the eye.

X-line 4

As Count the X's and you'll get the name.



Click here for X-Line pt. 2

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