Sea Shores and Mermaid Series

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Much of this work can be found among other pages within my artwork website. These drawings were all drawn at the Bayshore Hotel and on Fire Isaland and at Hogan's Goat in Bayshore.

Details from Bay Shore Lights Series
designed for John Molner

"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

Different Worlds

Receeding Ocean
Perhaps every Long Islander's dream - the ocean is receeding, not the shore!
And just for the hey of it, check the negative out:

Well, OK, I did make a few changes.

Hobbit Light


Wild Bill's Bait & Tackle
 Wild Bill ( William Wyenmeyer)
was an old clam poacher
along Long Island's south shore.  Several  of my sketches
resound Bill's life style,
places and events - and fantasies.
Here is a shop the old sailor never owned. 
Bill died in 2013.


Detail from Docked.


Fire Island shady ladies
One of the favorite ventures outside the Bayshore to catch a ferry and
spend a day on Fire Island.

Boardwalk Girls

Like Fishing, Do Ya?

Surface Break

Watch Your Children

 Unless I am 50 years older than I admit to,
I've never seen this sight.

After a painting I saw in Barker's Cafe, Babylon, N.Y.

Look Up
 A self portrait

Old sailing ships, lighthouses and seascapes
are common fixtures to my work.
Once a 50 year native Long Islander, it
is inescapable.

 A different perspective.

Mermaids at the Bridge

"Oil Shrimp Boat"

"CAD Shrimp Boat"

"Water color Shrimp Boat"

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the Bay Shore Hotel Comics

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