When Julia Ryan loses her husband Jimmy to advanced mastoiditis she and her young son Jamie are introduced to a number of suspicious characters from Jimmy's past.

Before his death, Jimmy absconded with a large sum of money that belonged to depraved drug dealer Victor Arro-and young Jamie is the only one left who knows where it was hidden. Arro plans to solve the problem by letting Julia work it off. When seemingly unknown adversaries kidnap Jamie, Julia and Detective Richie Ramo must figure out who the kidnappers could be. The problem is that friend and foe alike are all suspect. With her world spiraling out of control, Julia must fend off treacherous enemies, locate the hidden money, and uncover the truth from her dead husband's past to save her son.

Throughout this action-filled mystery, author Joe Pegasus sets the stage for the larger story while he exposes readers to a twisted plot filled with crooked cops, federal agents, and one notorious international terrorist who is none other than the reincarnation of an Inca Sun King.


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Joe Pegasus