ED VAL... A man who deserves top billing across all my websites, even though I haven't seen or spoken to him since 1982. Ed came to me one night and said he wanted to start an advertising business which would place granite plaques above urinals with advertisements carved into them. He called it ADSTONE. We actually started the company and it failed although others made a success of the idea later on. When I decided to make my old i-BBS (Internet Bulletin Board System) an official business,  instead of applying for a new name for a company which would never gain any appeal - who cared or even knew about the Internet...in 1982! I choose ADSTONE as the company name. Who knew that in under 10 years it would have more dial-up connections than AOL? Or that it would be one of the many victims of Microsoft and the Telephone companies - not to mention the fall of the Dot COMS!
All the same, I have Ed to thank for being a friend way back when, and handing me a company named ADSTONE.

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