Dream Log 1

August 28, 2011 - June 16, 2012

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This area of JoePegasus is only for back up purposes.
This page is not for public consumption. It is a record of my dreams. They take up where my manual dream log ends as the only source. If you came across through links or accident you'll be wasting your time trying to make heads or tails of it. Might was well browse away.

I began moving from hand written journals to a computer text in 2011. Moved entirely to text in 2012 and began posting this journal online in 2013.

August 28, 2011  Dark. I had instructed my dream self to change my financial life. The dream was vague and the final moments showed a pair of hands spreading a deck of cards, face down before me. Not sure if they were Tarot cards or not. (oddly, I changed my key in late 2012 to the Tarot.)

August 30, 2011 Dark. I am in West Babylon, Long Island, probably in the 1970’s. Dream began with me alongside a partner - I think that partner is my present wife Cathy. There is a young man with us. Three of us are on the corner of Little East Neck Rd and Haab Ave.  I am telling them the story about my first wife’s Patty’s aunt Dot. It is past twilight. (Aunt Dorothy - Pat’s aunt - had a checkered youth with many lovers and she enjoyed the social scene. She got involved with a homosexual who gave her a son but she abhorred him and he hounded her way into her old age. Pat and I were close with Dot and mourned her death by heart attack during the 70’s.) The 3 of us strolled down Dot’s street. Passing a few old, stately homes. All the while I am telling Dot’s story. I showed Cathy and this young man where Dot and her son Ken once lived. We enter the house then the dream goes blurry. We are in a room built entirely of knotty pine. In the room is a 4 or 5 step stairway leading to a landing where all the wood is painted gray. Atop the landing is a box-like machine or a set of machines. The young man measures the machines and tells me their dimensions. I become more aware of Cathy at my side. I then question his dimensions.  I awake. (This dream, I believe predicts the broken window at unit 5.)

August 30, 2011 - A day dream or vision. 11:30 AM
I am sitting on the back porch thinking about Dez Joe when a portal opens before me, to center right of the vision. Universal Orlando appear and the good times flow through.

August 31, 2011 - Dark, Vague Dreams, only one clear moment.
A light blue thing or design pattern. View of it is as through a circular key hole but design is rectangular. (See paper log for drawing.) Had early morning dream, I do not recall. I wonder (as had done many times over the years) if keeping a journal is hampering dream production.

Sept. 1, 2011 A Dream About Today
I spend the entire dream using a socket wrench to break branches into twigs. (That day I was chopping branches from trees I cut down when I realize again a prophetic dream.)

Sept. 2, 2011 Kung Foo
Many vague dreams, last was about Kung Foo fighting. A thing I know nothing about???

Sept. 3, 2011 Old Friends
Artie, Andy and me are in a bar. (Artie Turco, Andy from Unit 4.) Artie in kind manner intentionally breaks a drinking glass. "That's the way it is, Auricchio," he declares.
The KIA has engine problems. Nice day, nice bar room.  I am reading a book about "Change." This dream's meaning has to do with an irreversible change going on in my life experience.
There is a lot going on in this dream. Artie and I are involved with some kind of prior activity concerning Pam and Cathy. Cathy and I had visited Pam. She was in a (dark) kitchen that reminded me of Mike and Susan Pierce's kitchen on 2nd Ave in Babylon. But Pam's place was on our estate. Pam and Cathy chatted while I roamed the estate just outside of her kitchen. It was on the second story. I returned to them and thanked Pam for her upkeep of the grounds. Then I (maybe Cathy and I) went to the nice bar.
Someone we are with also shot a pool game with me. Throughout the dream, I thanked him for the interesting game. But the person I am thanking was not the one I shot pool with - I apologize (but not profusely) while I take notice of this man's clothing. I awake.

Saturday Night of Labor Day Weekend. Dreamy Night.
1st Dream: I am very intent on building or repairing a back to a sofa, a sofa like one on the back porch. I struggle continuously over the design of its wooden end and texture of the cushion. I awake at 1:30 then laid on that couch on the porch for 15 minutes and enjoyed the calm evening.
2nd Dream: This may had been 2 dreams; second one finds Cathy and I in a comfy place on Wellwood Ave, West Babylon, New York; on Long Island. I phone my uncle Gigi, no reply. We decide to take a walk down Southern Parkway and while we walked Gigi passes us by. He notices me but thought I did not see him. He wants nothing to do with us. (Uncle Gigi died last year. His reaction is exactly like that of the people I saw in my vision when I died in 2005 at Ocean Beach;  complete destain for me.)
Cath and I stop at a rest area at Belmont Park. She acts strangely. I am looking around a building for her and caught a glimpse of her chatting with a boyfriend from Face Book. I decide to turn away and allow them privacy.
 I awake around 2:30 Am and write the above. Return to bed at 3 AM. Had few more dreams, I cannot recall.

Sept. 6, 2011 Going Nowhere.
Endless spirals, going around and around; getting nowhere. Following day was the day of all dead ends and dead end emails.

Sept. 7, 2011 Good Advice.
Dancing with the one I love. Let bygones be. Ignore those who disagree.  I awake at 3:59 AM

Sept. 8, 2011 The Night I Slept on the Floor.
First of 2 dreams: I am stuffing up holes.
2nd: Cath stays at home. I go to Mike and Barbara Parla's house to sleep there in an indoor pool area. Mike helps me cut tracing paper for drawings.

Sept 10, 2011 Dark.
I go to the intersection of Rt. 112 and Rt. 25 in Port Jefferson, New York, out on Long Island. Everyone is there, everyone I ever knew. Everyone.

I take another break from recording my dreams. Very interesting dreams during this break. Some were the most interesting ever. But, as all breaks, they allow me better restful sleep.

5/25 -2012 SHORT DREAM
Cloudy day dream, POV - Enjoyable chat with Dez at Artie and Pam's living room. Later Mike and Jim showed. We were going out.

There was an odd introduction or entry to this dream. A dark but twilight background with a smoky jet stream like a trail that led into the dream. At it's beginning was a cap, reminds me of a bottle cap but more a black plastic cap one would find on the bottom of a stool. That cap made me think of my pending relationship with my dad. Cloudy, if not dark dream. POV - Location seems to be area down street on other side of RR Avenue in Babylon on Habb Avenue. Dez and I traveling (not sure where to.) There is a monster (probably the one from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland) that lived on other side (Mom's side) of tracks in the high tension wire poles (They're not there in reality.) Monster was notorious but harmless. Dez and I walked across a tarred or asphalt or concrete area in the direction of Rt 109. The stroll brought us to a large residence. Never looked at or saw the house but assumed it was Mark's. Mark lived there and was holding a BBQ on a cement/brick porch in front of the home. Mark became the focus of my attention, Dez faded. Mark told me to prepare the chopped meat and meat fillets. I "thought" back to when I purchased the meat as I was handling it. I was remembering how I had trouble with the person I purchased it from. I had argued over a refund for the money I spent on gas and the meat. Not a refund for the meat, but some kind of retribution for or of it.

5/30/12 - Rockville Centre Cemetery
Last of 3 maybe 4 dreams. Partly cloudy in Florida. POV I lived (Probably with Cath) in a house "off" of a shady lane that looked like the road that ran past Valencia college and passed Oak Hollow Dr. But when you turned left instead of coming onto Oak Hollow you entered an open, sunny development that was laid out exactly like Rockville Centre Cemetery. There were no homes on left or in the field in front. Homes were along the right side road and mine was first. I never saw any of the homes - including mine until I later go inside. There was a red brick wall surrounding the subdivision. The field had brown grass, dead but not unattractive. And I always wanted to plant white azaleas on the field to encourage the property / association to carve a road through the field. I did not because 1) I might be kicked out of assoc. and 2) because I had no idea how to space the plants for a single or double lane road.
The dream gained attention/focus when a young, Italian stone carver came on to my lawn to carve a figure on a 4-8x3-6. He had already caulked in black caulk the niche. I imagined he would cut some full busts of my dad and place them around the yard. But I was concerned about the noise and being tossed from the development. The carver was in a tan shirt and dark green pants, OK looking with black hair, dark eyes, round head and face. As I made notice of a plastic strap-like xmas tree with white lights on it, the carver put his hand into a fire ant hill. Not knowing what they were, he pushed into the hill to brush the ants off. I rushed to his aid and directed him into the house - nice house! I found the benadryl spray where we keep it and it was opened as Cathy opens things and I handed him the spray to relieve what was sure to come. Next I am walking out the front door and he walks off to my right and what was, but I did not see, a driveway. 
    Someone...Glenda, Jim?... said aloud that the hand carver was going off in the wrong direction. I verve into a fire plant garden with a structure that may had been our old fountain. The garden had white marble chips for a mulch...small, pebble like. The property was very nice with a green, cut lawn. I awoke.

5-30 1 of 2: Interior dream.
A wooden table, wired monsters/aliens discussing some investigation.
2 of 2: An involved dream about screening in unit one porch. Lots of measuring.

5-31: Diamond in Rug
I am over someone's home or living with him. A visitor looses a diamond ring. We 3 search for it. I find it on a gray rug. I think the visitor thinks I intended to steal it, but visitor (s/he?) make nothing of it.

6-3: Gazelles in Garden
2 gazelles in garden. Planning dimensions. (Later discovered that gazelles in a dream mean to slow down, relax.)

6-4: Solar Panels
I am plowing out acreage, laying in peat and insert dead trees and place solar lights on them.

6-6 Peat Fields
1 of 2 dreams: Strong man involved with strong things. Some ground scenes of peat.
2 of 2: Some young kid not PJ and the dreamer - maybe not me. The two are working the peat fields beyond a split rail fence. The peat fields are from the first dream.

6-8 1 of 2: Two  Active Dreams
Travel. Follow and lead.
2 of 2: No sounds in this dream, no noise in the restaurant scene.
Entire dream takes place in dark surroundings and indoors, even when Cath and I are in another city. We are somewhere dealing with sleeping accommodations. Mike Blom suggests we go out. Cath and I go on my old 90cc Honda bike. We settle on a restaurant named Elba on a street that reminds me of New Orleans. (See drawing I made in dream log note book.) We have been in this Elba before. I was not sure when but Cath saw menu posted outside with $100 or $300 lobster, then I remembered. I did not want to go in but a concierge said there's a bar so Cath, Mike and I went in. (See drawing of layout in Dream Log Notebook.)
People were everywhere.
Cath and I go to the bar. Mike has his beer and moves over to a side non-serving window bar. This window views the street, but from the outside we saw no windows. ? Cath joins Mike as a kid calls out "Auricchio!" I step around asking who said that? I focus in on 2 kids. They avoid eye contact and conversation. One looks like Tony Cenie, the other on my right looks like Mike Nally. I think and I say in the dream, "Tom Nally. (Why? Actually I think the boy I am thinking about from CH was named Lally.) The boy, who looks like Nallly, looks like a ruddy Nally. He admits to calling out "Auricchio." I hold a conversation with him which goes on about name pronunciation. The conversation moves on to these young boys even being in a bar. But I say they look to be in their 30's (but they looked as last time I saw Tony ((around 12)) and Nally ((13.))) Nally agrees he is in his 30's. Then they both say that they work with a girl, Teresa Auricchio, in Brookhaven. They recognized the Auricchio Look.
Cath calls me over to her and Mike. I join them and relate the what just happened. Mike seems amused. We then move on.
Cath and I back on the bike in a large shopping center parking lot. We want to catch up with Mike. I have Cathy drive. We sside-wipe a car and loose the bike's both mirrors. Cath drives on awhile through town. (This parking lot and town remind me of Dunn and Roanoke Rapids.) Cath eventually decides to stop. We get off the bike and she goes off to find Mike. Meanwhile I get into a brightly lit shop to look for short screws to build a small box. (See diagram of box in Dream Log Notebook.) An attendant discusses the project with me. I view ONLY his/her hands. Sex switches from time to time. The main topic of conversation is the length of the screws so as not to drive through the wood and pinch anyone's fingers. I wake up.

6-13-12  SAIL BOAT
1 of 3: 
I am going to transverse the globe in a sail boat of original design with white sails and yellow haul. (See the design in the dream Log Notebook.)
2 of 3: Dark. 2 cans of white paint with white labels on the top lids sit on the ground over a fence.
3 of 3: Dark. same location. A continuation of dream 2. Apparently I am Juror #78. I have this yellow card with dark brown lines printed across it. No words, just lines. This card folds out to a very long paper. The song: "Why Don't They Play What They Played On The Night That You Danced with Me." Was playing. When the refrain, "My Love," came around, I would sing aloud, loudly.

6-14: First Realization of Rectangle
Dark. The only figures seen are a man and a soft rectangle. (See in the dream Log Notebook.)
(After this dream I came to realize that in most dreams there is always a footing or foundation in the scenes.) This was a very long dream and may had several parts. But it all revolved around the online CAD for MDB.

6-15: Second Thoughts
First phase: A big rig truck, 18 wheeler with a bowed, shiny metal bed. I was involved with stacking it and needed restraints to hold the load down.
2nd phase: I must have 2nd thoughts over MDB - that's natural - as entire dream was fussing over my decision to "give" 1/2 away to Shelby. I awoke anxious, yet understanding the benefit of doing so.

6-16-12  Wonderful Feeling Dream
Entire night of same dream but broken up each time I used bath, about 5 times.
A feeling of elation existed through the entire dream sequences. 1st phase: I am running around and atop a wooden structure that could be a dock. Whatever it is, I built it. My feet are sticky or sluggish but I move lightly and wonderful. I am showing off to dad or Uncle Pat(?) There is lots of plastic wrap, which may be the cause of the drag, may not.
Second phase (Is in 3 or more parts, but not phases. Each time I return to sleep, the dream takes back up.) Again the feeling of well being, if not outright victory permeates the entire night. Maybe because, in dream's background, back at home, Frankie is present. Maybe?
I enter a bar - very much like the Martini Bar in Bay Shore and laid out exactly like the Night Owl in Deer Park. Management is very glad to see me. I am stopping in right after the celebrity activity from dream phase one. Both dreams are interior - even the docks. Very dark back drop, but vivid and light on stage.
(Later this morning, I was watching TV when A Bond movie came on - THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. During the intro credits there is a fanciful scene play. I thought to myself that it was 'dream-like.' But then I thought I never had such as "full screen" image during any of my dreams. Why did I make that association? Then I thought back to this dock scene I had earlier during sleep. I wandered if I do, in deed, have all those dream images in my dream scape - back there in the dark interiors of my "stage?" I'm just not paying attention to them. I have to look into this.)
I digress:
I am happy and buoyant, yet a bit cautious of my surroundings. I am called from a busy corner of the bar (the corner that would be both right in the front door of the bars I mentioned.) I am called over by the owner to meet a guy named Vic who is sitting behind me. (This would be the first table, 2 seats, as you walk into both bars mentioned, right at the door. But I am seeing more the NIGHT OWL han the MARTINI BAR.) Vic sits with his back to the door. (Think about that, not anything an experienced bar fly would do.) He never speaks and is not exactly foreboding but obviously up to no good.
The bar owner - typical - chats up this guy to me. Calls him, Vic, and tells me he sells the best kiddie porn. And that Dez Joe is one of his customers and that is all hush-hush because that's how "they" handle business. I'm not impressed and I also know Dez never got into such porn. I am interested only to the point of natural curiosity. I go along with their hi-jinx but get back to the busy bar in short order.
I am asked by the bar keep what I want. A funny looking guy. I say 7&7 as he moved to build it. Meanwhile an unidentified someone to my right asks if a guy sitting perpendicular to our left is "Tony." I glance over. The guy looks familiar (healthy, large features, clean, causal clothing, with blue plaid shirt, blonde hair, polite.) I don't know who he is and couldn't care less. I just reply, "yes." The schmoe argues that I have no idea who he is, that the man's name is "James, you jerk!" I look back at James. I study him a moment again. I verbally acknowledge that, yes, that's James. Actually, I care less about who he is and not bothered that I was called out about it.
I look in front of me and there sits on a dimly lighted area of the bar (directly in front of me, at my place at the bar) 1 bottle of Chivas to the left and 1 bottle of Crown Royal on the right. Both bottles have their necks badly broken. I start asking for my 7&7 when the owner comes over and tells me the two bottles are on the house, enjoy. And he adds that I should enjoy the coasters as well. He moves to the interior of the bar. I look at a pile of coasters in a tender's tray at 90 degree corner of the bar. The coasters are 1/4 inch thick glass with cork tops and photos of little kids on their bottoms. I get more curious, but really want a 7&7 not Chivas. I pour myself a glass of Crown Royal and worry that there is broken glass in it from the broken necks. When taking a coaster, I crack the coaster. A number of patrons argue and sneer that no one had ever broken a coaster before. There is again an air of secrecy and hi-jinx. I kind of shrug it off, especially when the owner returns to remind me to view the coasters and he also asks after Frankie and reminds me that Dez Joe turned him (the owner?) and Vic onto me.
I think that 2 bottles of booze will make it difficult to get back home to see Frank. So I start viewing the coasters while avoiding the drinks. The coasters show children nearly nude and suggestive sexually. It bores me to tears. I decide to go home because I have this lingering sense of victory and think it is better shared with Cathy and those at home.
As I go to leave, I am called to the back bar (NOTE: all of the dream had 'that' rectangle through it. In this dream it is the bar top.) I go to a brightly lite back bar. The keep asks what I want, I reply, 7&7. He argues for Chivas and makes a Chivas and milk for a patron who the keep says, "He likes his this way." I am expecting one too in that case. I begin looking to leave and actually see myself back at a comfy, all wooden room at home. Frank is near. I wake up.


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