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Owen Heritage - composer, producer.
A classically trained composer and pianist with an interest in all genres of music. While studying music at the University of Aberdeen, he learned the value of a well written and memorable melody.
Owen has performed in choirs, brass bands and orchestras, as well as numerous piano concerts.
He now lives and works in the USA, where he is the founder  of the Kentuckiana Association of Musicians and Singers (KAMS). Website is



Chas Evans is a native of Chunky, MS and a graduate of Newton County High School. Chas was privileged to study guitar under the late Tom Carson and graduated with his Associates of Arts Degree in Music from East Central Community College. Chas completed his Bachelor's and Master's of Music Degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi, where he was instructed by Professor Giovanni De Chiaro. Chas has been the recipient of various awards, including first place at the 1999 Mississippi Music Teacher Association guitar competition and runner up in the 2000 Pine Belt Guitar Symposium. Chas has taught Music Theory and Performance classes at Mississippi College and Holmes Community College. Chas performed as a member of the Mississippi Guitar Quartet, and was recorded on the group’s album "Soundscapes" which was published through Centaur Records. In 2006, Chas and the Mississippi Guitar Quartet were honored to perform selected works from their “Soundscapes” album at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Chas has participated as a guest judge in the Mississippi Music Teacher Association Guitar Competition and at the Pinebelt Guitar Symposium where he has given master classes for the competitors. Chas has served as a member of the Mississippi Army National Guard and was deployed in Operation Noble Eagle in Washington, D.C. and Operation New Dawn in Baghdad, Iraq. In 2012, Chas released his debut solo album “Mississippi Sounds” featuring pieces inspired by the state’s heritage and scenery. “Mississippi Sounds” is available now for purchase on Itunes and on his website
Chas is currently Professor of Guitar at East Central Community College in Decatur, MS where he directs the college's Rock N' Roll Band - The Collegians. Chas is also an accomplished and award winning songwriter for


Marri Nallos   Raised in London where she attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School, Marri now lives and works in the Philippines where she has been dubbed "The Crystal Voice of Asia." She has recorded several albums and EPs.




David Patterson is an Australian musician. He specialise in rock vocals. But is comfortable singing in any style or genre. David has a lot of experience singing in both live and recording studio settings.


Kirine: Descibes herself as "Linguist by my head, singer by my heart... light by my true being."  'Kitty' is the voice behind many of Joe's music and videos. She is also his go-to translator of all the Cathy and Janice Bedtime Stories (See link below)
Born in Romania in 1980, she has earned a BA in translating and interpreting for Romanian, English and German. In addition, she speaks three more languages (Italian, French and Spanish) and is able to sing in several others, due to a fine linguistic sense.
After working for 11 years as an interpreter, tour guide and course supervisor at a meditation center, she has decided to take a leap of faith and start doing what she had always been dreaming of: be a musician. And because the Universe loves brave people who go after their dreams, things fell quickly into place. In the meantime, she has moved to Germany to be with her true love.
With a natural angel-like soprano voice and a feel and taste for harmonies, she now works as a freelancer singer and composer together with her husband, also a musician (composer, keyboardist and drummer), on various projects, ranging from children songs to ambiental music, and even alternative rock tracks.   
She hasn't forgotten her linguistic talent, but has adapted it nicely to her work; thus, her current focus is on translating and tweaking poetry and lyrics and singing in as many languages as possible.
Find her here:


Kevin Reeves - vocalist.
Michigan-based vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist, producer and entertainer, Kevin's vocal stylings encompass a wide range of genres including rock, pop, R&B, metal, country, and even jazz and classical.

Arthur Jude Turco "Artie" born on Long Island in 1949 passed away at the same hospital 46 years later due to heart failure. His contribution here is 'Going Away From Here' sang and performed by Chas Evans. Together Joe Pegasus, Artie composed over 90 songs. Their band, Shades of Destiny enjoyed modest success during the mid 1960s. Artie continued on to play sessions with greats such as George Benson and several active rock bands during the late 1960s and early 1970s. What songs he did not co-write with Pegasus, he composed music to. Visit a collection of our songs online here, choose the book with all songs performed by us here, and visit Artie's memorial page here.


Will Sterling - audio engineer

A mixing and mastering engineer from Hartselle, Alabama, who trained in music performance and music industry communications.
He has worked with hundreds of clients in many genres, as well as writing and recording his own projects.  Visit Will at

Joe Pegasus studied classical piano and dance until, at 12 years old, his dad introduced him into the family business of stone design and carving. On the job education as well as attending 2 notable design schools propelled Joe into the world of sculpture and stone design. Longing for his roots he teamed up with a life-long friend, Artier Turco, to sing and panhandle / busk on the streets of Greenwich Village, New York. Together they gained modest local success but meeting bills lead Joe back to the drawing board.  Joe returned to music in 2010 with a little known CD album Ambient Trance. The album Songs from A Forest Garden is a collaboration among artists focused on the songs from the book of the same name. Retired with his wife Cathy,  Joe now centers attention on his writings put to music and video as well as tending to his veggie and woodland gardens.
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