Petition of 1,000,000
for a 
Manhattan Project” to cure the terminal disease of aging.

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Unless you've been living under a rock you are aware of companies like Geron, Life Extension and Maximum Life as well as organizations like the Coalition to Extend Life.
Life extension is no fantasy nor is it a mystery any longer. It is fact. Today, right now, caring parents can take a child, place it in the right family environment, feed it a proper diet, develop the child into adulthood while medicine and science can extend his or her life way pass 100 years. By the time that child grows to be 100, improvements in medicine and science (and cultural infrastructure) will propel that child to 200 years or longer. Each decade life is extended, advances will assure longer life spans.

If there is any objective all people should drop everything in order to obtain, eternal life is it!

Petition of 1,000,000

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As The Coalition to Extend Life’s first foray into the political area we are collecting 1,000,000 signatures in order to inform our elected officials in Washington that people care about this issue.
Ultimately, politics is about people! We need to generate a grass roots 
movement for indefinite life extension and this is a good way to begin.

Together, we can make immortality a reality.

Sign the petition and make a statement that you are involved. Download as many as you can and circulate them.

Remember, your life depends on it!

Thank You

Thomas Mooney

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Coalition to Extend Life
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For further information call us at 202-445-4876

Petition of 1,000,000

To the Congress and President:

Our Declaration of Independence declares that; “Life, liberty and  the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights for all people. Heretofore, life was a fixed period of time, which has steadily risen over the years. Recently, medical science has made amazing discoveries about how humans age and why they die. Many diseases are being conquered and our lives are being prolonged.

The possibility of immortality is on the horizon. No longer is an  indefinite lifespan an impossible dream. But many hurdles still remain.

 It is our position that immortality be considered a national 
priority. In order to give full meaning to the right to “life” we need 
a “war on aging.”

 We ask you to create the conditions that will make this possible.

 First, a National Institute for Immortality be created with 
sufficient revenues to fund research in this area.

 Second, grants and tax breaks for universities and private sector 
initiatives working on projects conducive to achieving indefinite life 

 Third, a National Commission be organized to study the social and 
economic impacts of this new reality.

 Fourth, a “Manhattan Project” to cure the terminal disease of aging.


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